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Railways have an all new carrot to dangle in front of the Heritage tourists – allow advance bookings and reduce prices!

irctc online reservation

The Indian Railways are trying to come up with novel and innovative ways in order to boost heritage tourism and attract more and more Heritage tourists by providing marginal costs and charting policies. These two allowances will prove to be very tempting for Heritage tourists which will then increase tourism greatly and entice a lot of clientele to travel through the railways instead of other modes of travel.

The Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu recently announced his intention to promote tourism through its UNESCO World Heritage Sites and this particular enticement is the first step towards the promotion of the same.

A lesser known fact is that almost 230 locomotives and 110 vintage coaches and wagons have been preserved by the Indian railways at museums and heritage parks which are meant solely for public display. Also, almost 16 steam locomotives are preserved by the National Carrier as working heritage as they are entirely competent to haul tourist trains.

Also, the incapability of tourists and tour operators to book tickets in advance was a major hurdle and so now, this provision has been allowed to them so that foreign tourists and tour operators can book their tickets well in advance and their bookings can be confirmed soon thereafter.

On 2nd November, a lot of queries were emailed to the spokesperson of the Railway Minister regarding these new provisions of reduced prices and advanced bookings which still remain unanswered. Experts say that this reduction in prices or marginal costs would see a sudden increase in demand from the foreign and local tourists alike as will the advance bookings be an enticement like no other for them.

They say that marginal costs are an absolute genius step as it will without a doubt, increase demand and ultimately, promote heritage tourism via the Indian Railways which is the real goal in the end. It will also augment the commercial aspect of the railways as more and more foreign tourists and tour operators would be enticed by advance bookings and cheap prices.

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