Amarnath yatra

amarnath yatra route

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra:

amarnath yatra route

A Spiritual Sojourn To The Land Of Lord Shiva!!

Well known for its religious importance, Kailash Manasarovar Yatra or popularly known as KMY is a religious pilgrimage organized exclusively for Indians. The snow-clad gargantuan Himalayan ranges invite the pilgrims with open handed and shower the blessings of Lord Shiva. This specific Yatra which carries spiritual significance takes place during the particular period of the year. This is one of the onerous treks which not everyone can handle. Right from the bleak topographies, high peaks, sub-zero temperatures and the most difficult and treacherous trekking can be harmful for the tourists and this tour can be carried out only by people who are physically fit and stable. Apart from Hinduism, People from various religions like Jainism and Buddhism also look forward for this yearly pilgrimage.

If you are planning for this tedious trek, then you must certain important factors before deciding to continue this trip. The Kailash Manasarovar Trip is organized every year and people from India are selected on various basis. Persons who are willing to travel to Kailash have to undergo different selection criteria and the process is very tough in order to acclimatize the people for the extreme climate conditions. You can register online for this trek which is a lifetime experience.

Facts About Kailash Manasarovar Yatra:

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra is controlled and organized by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on a yearly basis. Usually, MEA shortlist two routes to reach Manasarovar. The first route is Lipulekh Pass in the state of Uttarakhand and operated in 18 days the trip is organized for 25 days. The cost per person for this trip is Rs. 1.6 lakh approximately. Another route is through Nathu La in Sikkim where the trip can be completed in 23 days and the cost for the yatra is approximately Rs. 2 lakh for each person and it consists of just seven batches.
According to mythology of Hindus, Mount Kailash is considered as an earthly demonstration of Mount Meru which is mainly known as the spiritual centre of the entire universe. It is believed that visiting this spiritual space will cleanse the sins of the human race. This place is also surrounded by other pilgrim locations like Manasarovar Lake and you can relish the fresh water in the entire world which tastes like nectar.

Taking a dip in the Manasarovar Lake is the ultimate route to reach the lotus feet of Lord Brahma and drinking a drop of the holy water has the power to eradicate the sins of many lifetimes. Kailash Manasarovar Yatra includes circumambulation of the revered mountain and the holy Lake. Circulating clockwise the mountain for a distance of 52 kilometres circuit, is a very important and iconic ritual in this trip. It almost takes 4-5 days to finish this circumambulation. Upon clearing the medical test and inspection, you can plan your pilgrimage. If you are certain that your spouse also joins the trip, then you can mention it in the application form.

Selection Criteria For Manasarovar Yatra!

There are certain criteria which are maintained by the Indian Government in order to avoid medical emergencies as the highest peak is void of medical or hospital facilities.

1. The persons wishing to travel to Manasarovar Yatra in Kailash Parvat should be citizens of India and also have a valid passport.

2. Physical fitness is the main criteria as it involves difficult trek in extreme cold climatic conditions. Your BMI should not be more than 25 and you have to get a physical fitness certificate from the Government of India. You should not have any major physical disorders which could affect the trip.

Once the application from is submitted, the committee specially made for KMY shortlists the candidates for the trip based on the physical fitness. If the person has history of illness like heart problems, asthma, epilepsy and high blood pressure, then their application forms can be rejected due to the extreme conditions prevailing in Kailash parvat.
If the persons have the luck to get selected, then you get a confirm intimation from the MEA right before 3-4 weeks of the departure. Once you receive the acknowledgement, then you have to assemble 2-4 prior to the trip. The Yatris undergo physical and medical tests to check whether they have the physical stamina to handle the extreme climatic conditions. Since, Tibet is a cold place; most of the pilgrims suffer sickness due to the high altitude and due to the rapid weather change every day from morning to dusk.

Amarnath Temple: Shed Your Sins At The Lotus Feet of Lord Shiva!

Amarnath Cave is a holy shrine of Lord Shiva and is located in Jammu and Kashmir. The cave is open only for few days as it is surrounded by snow all through the year and is free of snow only for a short period of time in a year. Amarnath Temple is revered by Hindus, Jains and Buddists and the trip is very challenging and strenuous. The freezing and pure water drops from the snow clad mountains forms the stalagmite which resembles the linga of Lord Shiva. According to the Indian mythology, Amarnath temple is the place where Lord Shiva explains the meaning of life and the eternal spiritual aura.

Amarnath Yatra Route: Spiritual Sojourn In The Land Of Snow!

Usually, devotees travel from Srinagar by walk to reach the spiritual land and it probably takes 5 days. You can take the short route which is just 15 km long but is very difficult travel as it consists of challenging terrains. Government of India and many non profit organizations provide many facilities for the pilgrimage by supplying ample food and water which might become scarce due to the dry climate. You can also rest for a while in the tents provided all along the Amarnath Yatra route.

Based on the first come first serve criteria, the application form is processed. If you want to plan your pilgrimage to Amarnath cave, then you can go for step by step process for Amarnath Yatra registration. Each Yatra permit is provided only for one yatri. Kids below 12 years of age and elders above 75 years of age cannot participate in the Yatra. Along with the registration form, each Yatri is expected to provide Compulsory Health Certificate (CHC) which ensures the pilgrims are not affected by any major health ailments. The day on which the Yatra is specified in the permit is the day you have to travel and the Gates at Baltal and Chandanwari are opened through Access Control Gates.

How To Reach Amarnath:

There are not specific train routes to Amarnath but you can reach Jammu and Kashmir via many train routes which are available in all major cities of India. From Srinagar, you can trek for few KM to reach Amarnath. Plan a trip to Amarnath and Mount Kailash and seek the blessings of Lord Shiva!

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