ATM installation inside the railway platform premises

Now a days everybody wants to money withdrawal facility at everywhere like market, airport, hospital, railways station and shopping mall and may more places so that everybody can withdraw money as per his requirement. Due to ATM facility there no need to fear regarding pickpocket scandal during the journey or the places where heavy crowd there. Furthermore in the case of urgent situation ATM become very useful to withdraw the money. Till now we have seen ATM Centre on most of the public places but one place is remaining still now and it is very essential i.e. “Inside The Railway platform”. “Inside the Railway platform” is the place where ATM Centre availability is rare but it is necessary to the passenger. When traveler feels to withdraw the money they go outside the railway platform to withdraw the money and this time consuming process there may be chances to miss the train. So, railway government must install the ATM Centre on Majority of the popular Railway platform so, that money could be withdrawn in hassle free manner.

What impact will be of ATM center on Railway platform? If it is available.

  • Passenger will withdraw money in safely manner.
  • Railway staff will also avail these services.
  • In the case of emergency, it will be very short time consuming process to withdraw the money.
  • Train missing event will be minimized, sometime due to money withdrawing from outside platform train was missed by someone because there were long queue on the ATM Centre.
  • This facility will promote the Indian tourism.
  • By using the this services passenger can get better services on platform like canteen services, books and magazine purchasing from the railway store and many more, because cash problem will not be there to the passenger.

Due to the above mentioned reasons ATM Centre must be available inside the platform premises. So that, Railway administration must implement this feature on the railway platform so that railway services could be convenient to the passenger.

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