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Indian railways is the most comfortable and uncomfortable track of transport in India. The greatest connectivity is, never ending waiting lists, never toilets cleanup, overcrowded coaches are some of the highlights of our complicated situations.

First Class AC – Only for the “richest people”. Ticket rates can match that means approximately any domestic airline fare. Only a few compartments available in mostly  trains.

Second Class AC – Super easily. Only 6 berths in compartment. Three stacks of two. If you’re tall, you’ll understand. Costs around 60% of the first AC class.

Third Class AC – The economy class of Indian railways. Still a comfortable option.   8 berths. 2 stacks of three and one of two. Costs around 35-40% of the first class. Seats available in richness in most of the trains. So it considering all the phase and the weather (don’t travel in anything below this during peak summers or winters)

Sleeper Class – Remove the AC from 3-AC and add the waiting-list travelers, who would ask you to share your seat because they really need to go to this place but couldn’t get the ticket at the end of the moment. Well actually you don’t really mind berths are wide enough to seat 4. Don’t feel shy asking them to find another place when you want to sleep. Dirty toilets, sedan all around by the time the train reaches its destination (which also happens in 3-AC by the journey). Best way to travel if you’re in a group. Costs around 15-20% of the first class.

General class – You DO NOT want to travel in the general class but helpless people can do it.

As a frequent traveler and an underpay architect, I prefer traveling in sleeper class.

Now i am talking about on a micro level, there are 5 different type of berths in all, apart from the chair cars or general seating which provide you with a place to sit and that’s it. Not much variants in that.

The berth types are as follows:

LOWER – This berth is the most comfortable seat, unless you like to sleep all through your journey. Because it is also the seat for the upper two berths. It is well ventilated in case of sleeping and doesn’t get too chilly in AC coaches. You have your luggage beneath or besides you, so you can have a good sleep without worrying much about it.

MIDDLE – The middle berth is totally depends on the mood of the lower berth. It goes up when they want to sleep and goes down otherwise. You can always exchange seats in case you want to sleep in day and the other person doesn’t. The better part about this berth/site is that it is the cleanest seat for sleeping on. It is cool and airy enough because it is a better angle and less interrupted with the fan and also you get a slit of window near about your head. So in case you don’t feel sleepy but you are forced to lie down. You can just look outside and enjoy the scenery.

UPPER –The chitchatting aunties, the irritating kids, the pan-spitting uncles, you’re above them all, literally. Earphones plugged and ready to dream about the destination. It gets a bit chilly in case of AC coaches because the vent is right above you. Gets Supper Hot in sleepers during the summers when one tiny fan cannot help and the roof of the train is right above. It’s not usually bad in the night though. Not very comfortable to sit because of the ceiling.

SIDE LOWER – This berth/sites is usually provided to two people that is called RAC, these seats are not confirmed, which is reservation against the cancellation, which means in case someone cancels their ticket at the end moment or doesn’t show up, you get their full seat. In case nobody cancels their tickets, you have to share it with another passenger through out the journey. Gets really misshapen when you want to sleep. Side lower is always in the way and is not exactly that comfortable people passing by every other second sides and there is not much scope to hang your legs because of the passage, so if you are tall, stretching while sleeping is not an option..

SIDE UPPER – Almost  the same thing as the side lower berth. But it’s Better that you don’t have to share to third persons. Plenty of headroom, so you really don’t need to come down to another sits. Look all around what is happening inside the train. It feels like a stage and everyone’s looking at you from the lower berths..

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