Delhi to Mumbai Train Details

Delhi to Mumbai

Delhi to Mumbai Train Details

Since the dawn of British empire and their influence in India. The Indian railway transport came to life in the mid-nineties. It was after India got its independence and began to sky rocket to a whole new level of engineering and design to expand the Indians railway network. India is a huge country and the largest way to cover every section was to web it with rail routes all over the country.

Delhi the capital of India and Mumbai considered as the financial capital. This tale of two cities is interlinked. Rising as the frontiers of India, it is essential that these are connected through routes. Delhi to Mumbai travel is considered on a large scale. Due to constant traveling of commuters the routes are busy day and night.

What are the trains available?

Delhi to Mumbai

New Delhi to Mumbai central New Delhi – Mumbai Rajdhani – 12952

  • New Delhi            : Departs 16:30
  • Kota JN                :  Arrives 20:55 Departs 21:05 ( 10mins halt)
  • Ratlam Jn            : Arrives 00:02 Departs 00:05 (3mins halt)
  • Vadodara Jn        : Arrives 03:31 Departs 03:41 ( 10mins halt)
  • Surat                     : Arrives 05:13 Departs :05:18 (05mins halt)
  • Mumbai Central : Arrives 08:35 Total 2 days / 1384 km

Rajdhani Delhi to Mumbai central train begins its journey from New Delhi at 16:30 and continues till it stops at major junctions like Kota Jn to Ratlam finally coming in to Vadodara approaching Surat and lays to rest in Mumbai central at 08:35 the next day. This would be the fastest way by railways as it halts at few stations. No need to worry about food as the train is well equipped with quality catering and the standards of the food is up to the mark. You can always Google high-end catering by Indian railways for this train.

More Trains You Can Grab :

DEE BDTS Express 19030

Delhi S Rohilla(DEE)- Bandra Express Train Number 19030

Starts from Delhi at 16:00hrs on Thursday to Bandra at 17:10hrs. Total time taken for traveling is 25 hours and 10mins. The train halts at 27 Station not recommended for people who hates the long wee hours of travel. Rates- 2 A: 2165.00 INR, 1480.00 INR, SL: 550.00 INR


Dehradun Express – 19020

Dehradun (DDN) – Bandra Terminus (BDTS) 19020

This Train runs trough out the week Delhi Departure : 10:30am Bandra Arrival : 04:20 Total Duration :41h 15m .Prices 2A: 2515.00 INR, 3A 1710.00 INR, SL: 640.00 INR

This train is a very famous train. Many people take this train as it stops at 92 stations in total. It is well advised if traveling by this train to book in advance as having a berth is a huge advantage in the journey.


FZR – BCT- JANTA : Train no 19024

Firozpur Cant (FZR) – Mumbai Central (BCT)

SL price 660.00 INR. The train arrives from Firozpur to Delhi at 12:55pm and leaves 13.25pm.It passes Ratlam – Bharuch – Surat – Vapi – and Boisar to name a few. The train finally puts a shutdown at Mumbai central at 20:10PM. There is no AC compartment. Not a good option for the summer travel Please check for availability. 

DDN KCVL Express. Train Number : 22660

Dehradun (DNN) –  Kochuveli (KCVL)

This train runs on Mondays from Dehradun. Board this train from H Nizamuddin in Delhi at 13:10pm and leaves at 13:55pm.The stop is for 45mins so you have ample of time to board the train, you can book your ticket till Vasai road and take a local train to Mumbai. Arrives vasai at 10:50am and halts for 10Mins. Prices -> 3a:1480.00 INR SL:550.00 INR.


Chandigarh to Bandra Terminus — Train Number : 22452

This train runs on Sundays and Wednesday. Arrives at Delhi Cantt at 10:00am and departs by 10:02am, make sure your there on time. The train arrives in Bandra terminus the next day at 9:20am. The prices for 2A, 3A and SL are as 2210.00 INR 1525.00 INR and 580.00 INR

Are There any more trains that could get me there?

Bct – Duronto Train no 22210.

Prices for 1A:4790 INR, 2A2865 INR and 3A 2080INR .The train only works on Tuesday and Saturday. Leaves Delhi at 23.25hrs and arrived in Mumbai at 16:15hrs a total of 16Hrs 15Mins. 


Fzr– Bct Janta Train no 19024 (Firozpur  Cant  – Mumbai Central)

Run every day for a price of 565.00INR for SL. Arrived in new Delhi at 12.55pm and departs at 13.25pm arriving at Mumbai central at 20:10pm the next  day.


Goa-Smprk Kranti Express Train no 12450(Chandigarh – Madgaon)

Can board this train from New Delhi at 6.00am and departs by 6.20pm arriving Vasai at 3.35am from there access is available for local trains to the city heart. Prices: 1A:3785.00INR, 2A: 2210.00 INR, 3A:1525 .00INR, SL: 580.00INR

Goldn Temple Mail Train no 12904

Runs every day .One can board this train from H Nizamuddin at 07.05am departs at 07:35am and arrives at Mumbai central at 5:20the next day.

Prices: 1A:3875.00INR, 2A:2260.00 INR, 3A:1560 .00INR, SL: 595.00INR


Hw  ltt Ac Super Fast Train no 12172(Haridwar Jn – Lokmanyatilak T)

This train runs only Tuesday and Friday. Prices: 1A:4095.00INR, 2A:2385.00 INR, 3A: 1640.00INR, Board the train at 23:10 from H Nizamuddin departs at 00:10am; you have a good one hour of boarding time. The train arrives at LTT at 23.45pm the next day.


Summary:  These are the rates the trains timing so make sure that you follow up and book in advance to avoid an uncomfortable journey. This site will help guide you as we give you the best suggestions and the routes and train timings. The journey consists of two days. Day or night totally depends on the time of the train. The no of stations it halts between Mumbai and Delhi’s huge distance covered in a short period thanks to a wide list of trains offered .Just select the type of travel you want by choosing the type of route from fastest to the most comfortable. We wish you a happy journey on your railway trip. Good luck.

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