High speed train implementation in Indian railways

As we know that, India is the country where largest railway network is spreaded throughout India. Most of the city and town is interlinked with railway track on which thousands of train runs to millions of people per day at low cost. In spite of large network of railway track train does not run at high speed like: above 200 km/hr. In the present scenario of high speed train there is only one train which has 160 km/hr speed and it is highest speed among the all train name list which run in India till now. Apart from this, in other country like: japan, china, England, USA and many more, where several high speed train at 300 km/hr to 500 km/hr whose name is “bullet train”, “mono train” etc. so, high speed train must be implemented in India also as soon as possible so that long distance journey could be covered in short duration of time. For successful implementation of high speed train like bullet or mono train in India there is need of infrastructure up gradation like: – making the high speed corridor throughout the main rout of Indian rail network then implementation will be successfully otherwise every time risk will be there when high speed train will run on the conventional old track.

Prior to the 2014 election BJP (bhartiya janta party) was announced to make high speed corridor in India so the high speed train could be run smoothly and hassle free, and in present BJP government is in the force but till now high speed train project started but on the old track whereas it should be started in proper manner that is not started. Our railway ministry is thinking to make Mumbai–Ahmedabad high-speed rail corridor first and it will be initial stage of high speed train implementation in India. If it will be successfully implemented then next phase of high speed corridor will be continued. Construction of Mumbai to Ahmadabad high speed corridor will be started from 2018 and finished in 2023. Gradually high speed corridor will be constructed throughout the India.


Requirement for high speed train implementation:–

  • Need of huge amount of money.
  • Well trained staff and trainer to make the infrastructure as like high speed train.
  • Well construction map and it should be made by expert group of engineer.
  • Well planning and study about high speed corridor throughout the India.
  • Need to implement innovative idea and technology.
  • High level security.
  • Selection of well-known construction company which can made high speed corridor in well-organized manner in optimum cost.

These are basic requirement for making and implementing the high speed train in India. When high speed train will run India then much and more time will be saved for the people because journey will be completed in short duration of time and reaming time will be used for another work.


Benefits of high speed train implementation

  • It will save the time for the passenger.
  • Journey will be convenient and hassle free.
  • Business deal will be easy business man will travel by this train rather than airplane.
  • It will change the lifestyle of people.
  • High speed train will promote the Indian tourism because tourist places journey will be attained in short time.
  • Boring journey will be end.
  • Economy of our country and railway department will be boost automatically when high speed train will run in India.
  • It will offer lots new recruitment due to which thousands of people will be employed.


These are main advantage of high speed train so it must be implemented in our country as soon as possible furthermore on demerit is “ ticket cost “ will be higher than present train fair yet, people will like to travel by high speed train for more convenient.

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