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In the present scenario Indian rail is one of the best medium to travel the journey at mass level in our country. Because, population of our country is so high, due to which no other medium can be successful to travel the passenger at mass level, so our country’s people like to travel by the train from one place to another place throughout the India at affordable prices. Millions of passenger travel by train in India daily to fulfill their need like:- to join the office, to go one city to another city and many more. Those who person do jobs in their local town or do jobs nearer to their home city, they use local train for attaining their duty on time. But, main issue is that, when people live very far from the home, in this situation people travel long distance by train to attain their business/jobs. But, we know that long distance journey cannot be comfortable without confirmed reservation ticket. So everybody book their ticket as per their requirements and every ticket having its unique number on the left side of the ticket is known as PNR number. This PNR number is printed on the every booked ticket whether ticket is conformed or not. In this case, ticket which is not confirmed that have chance to confirm after few days, and it is checked time to time online using PNR number whether is it confirmed or not, is called PNR status of ticket. In other words we can say that, Indian rail pnr status is a term which is used to check the current status of booked reservation ticket online or manually on the enquiry counter whether is it confirmed or not. Rail PNR status is checked against the waiting/RAC category ticket only. At present, due to heavy population of India, thousands of booked ticket becomes in waiting/RAC category daily. Because, there are limited confirm seats in the train whereas demand is very high, that’s why thousands of ticket becomes waiting/RAC for passenger. But, passenger checks the pnr status of waiting/RAC ticket time to time with hope that ticket would confirm by luck.



Basic requirements are essential to check pnr status:-

  • There is need of smartphone/computer with internet.
  • Basic knowledge of computer and internet to the users.
  • There must availability of waiting/RAC ticket on which “10 digit pnr number” is printed.
  • User must have knowledge about the website URL where PNR status is checked out.


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