Indian railway catering and Tourism Corporation

Indian railway catering and Tourism Corporation, is a subsidiary part of the Indian railway which handle the catering tourism and online ticket booking operation. This is a very big private unit of railway department. Now a day it performs the vital role inside the train and outside the train to help the passenger. There are so many canteens established on the several stations by IRCTC that provide hygienic food for the traveler and it returns the big revenue to the railway department. It was established in 1999 but it has been popular in our country from last 10 to 12 years.

This organization got viral publicity when its website launched for ticket booking operation online from anywhere throughout the world for Indian railway journey. Services of this organization is admirable, now a days most of the people working in different-different organization whether i.e. private and public so they have no time for ticket booking from ticket counter easily, in this situation they want to book their ticket online by using IRCTC website. as we know that, in the present scenario most of the people using smartphone in his pocket as well as laptop and computer in his office or home with internet services, due to which they book ticket easily for their requirement.

Importance of IRCTC in Indian railway that is shown below:–

  • Online booking train ticket: — this is one of the best services provided by this organization ticket can be booked in advance from the journey date from anywhere without reaching at ticket counter.
  • Save time for passenger:–by using online services of IRCTC customer can do various activity in short duration of time ex: — online ticket booking, easily bill payment in IRCTC canteen through payment gateways or e-wallet.
  • Offer jobs in itself department on the contract basis: – for handling the catering, tourism and ticket booking operation they hire the staff for performing their management activity like:–canteen management, bakery shop on the platforms, it manager, software engineer, cook and many more.
  • Revenue return to the Indian railway department: – IRCTC return the rental fees or revenue to the railway department as per term and condition. In this process our railway government gets heavy amount and use for improving the infrastructure of railway department.
  • Hygienic food in the train: – during the journey of passenger IRCTC provide hygienic lunch and dinner facility inside the train in the optimal cost. Because, in long journey some traveler do not carry the eating belongings that’s why they order to vender for required eatable things like: – tea, breakfast, lunch or this service is also admirable services of IRCTC.
  • Support cashless transaction:– as we know that , in the present scenario demonetization movement is applied in whole country so there is scarcity of cash that’s why people getting problem for payment on various places on railway department like:–railway canteens, ticket booking online, food on track payment and many more. So in this situation IRCTC support cashless transaction using paytm, oxygen and payment gateway so that public get hassle-free journey.


Due these reason we can say that irctc playing vital role to operate the railway activity in the present era. Yet, there is need of more improvement in the    irctc for better services to the public.

Activity is to improve that is shown below:-                  

  • Local and general ticket should be issue through online so that daily local crowd could be removed.
  • Irctc website must be upgraded so that website performance could not be slow or degrade.
  • Payment system should be strongly improved because sometimes money payment process become slow or failure.
  • Time to time system should be monitor to get feedback or to find out flaws.

These are the some faults in IRCTC that should be removed by expert team as soon as possible so that performance of irctc services could be advanced and better.


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