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RRB Gorakhpur Ministry of India Investigates

RRB, Gorakhpur is a railway recruitment board that organizes the railway exam to recruit the staff for north East Indian railway. Before 1984 RRB Gorakhpur was known as the railway service commission, Gorakhpur. Now, this board runs under the railway ministry of India. Overall activity of rrb Gorakhpur is controlled by the railway ministry of India , so that it’s working process would be rectified as per needed. This board, recruit group “c &d” level staff for north East Indian railway under the Gorakhpur division. Recruitment process is done under the certain term of condition that is defined by the railway ministry of India. First of all recruitment application form notice is published on the railway website/employment newspaper with proper information. So that candidate could apply easily the application form for required post. After that candidate follow following steps that are shown below:-

  • After applying the form railway board publish the admit card for eligible candidate on their website online or send the admit card at home address.
  • After that, so many candidates appear in the examination as per RRB guideline.
  • When candidate appear in first phase exam then after few months/few days rrb publish the result on their website.
  • After that. Those who candidate pass the first phase exam the appear in next phase, and similarly, till interview exam eligible candidate face the interview. Those who candidate clears the interview their name is published in final selection candidate list, and this list is published on the official website by roll number wise.
  • After that selected candidate join the railway department as per railway board guidelines. In this situation, RRB provides training to new selected candidate as per their designation for few months/years.
  • After completion of proper training, trained candidate join their post on different- different location of the railway workplace.


These are the process of selection of new candidate in railway department by the RRB, Gorakhpur. But, railway ministry of India investigates the all recruitment board time to time, so that quality of the exam and rules could be maintained smoothly. Because, we all listen “off and on” regarding corruption in selection procedure of new candidate but, after proper monitoring by railway department such kinds of cheating will be eradicated from railway department, and quality candidate will be selected. If, it will happen, then quality railway service will be improved.


RRB-Gorakhpur carries out recruitment of Group ‘C’ staff   of H.Q. Offices. Izatnagar Lucknow and Varanasi divisions of North Eastern Railway and for Research Designes & Standards Organization (RDSO) – Lucknow.


The RRB is headed by Chairman, assisted by  Assistant Secretary, with a small team of Group ‘C’ & Group ‘D’ staff to run the RRB Office.


Railway Recruitment Board,
Railway Station Road
Gorakhpur – 273012


          (0551)  2201209, 2463803


Do not advertise unhealthy products on trains, says health ministry to railway authorities

The Indian railways recently expose its non-fare revenue (NFR) scheme, which assent trains, scale-intersection and areas along the guide way to be used for diffuse.

The health ministry has requested the railway authorities to postpone advertising those products that are poorly or harmful for health, like high-grease meal, aerated beverage or alcoholic and nicotine items, in surrogate or indirect manner, on trains.

In a letter to Railway Board Chairman A K Mittal, Health secretary C K Mishra said, “unmarked, sub or illegal advertising of liquor, nicotine products, as well as unfit foods products that can rise the risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is a matter of concern.”

He said, the railways not let its assets to be used for publishing products which have given negative health effects.



“Any move to further upgrade products that have minus health size will be board-productive and will scuttle on-going efforts to reduce enjoyments of alcohol, tobacco, food containing kingly fats, sugar and salt (HFSS), sugar sweets beverages (SSBs) including aerated and non-aerated beverages.” Mishra wrote in the letter.

The health ministry procured air of the revenues-raising move allowing advertisements on trains through media protocols.

“Against this background/part and main point of view, the most negative figure for public health, it is therefore solicited that the assets of Indian Railways are not used to publicize products which have negative health effects,” Mishra said.”

While this (NFR policy) is a great steps, as it will endow revenues to the government, however, such will power can be used by the industry to encourage products such as liquor, nicotine, food inclusive highest pulp, sugar and salt, sugar drinks including aerated and non-aerated drink that have defective health figure.”

275 million or 30% of adults in our country used nicotine, which means that the India has the 2nd huge numbers of nicotine users in the all over world. Out of these, almost 10 lakh decline victim to nicotine-related illness every year.

The total direct and indirect charge of illness attributable to tobacco use was a mobility Rs1.04 lakh-corer (USD 17 billion) in 2011 or 1.16% of India’s GDP.

In order to address the health and evolutions load of NCDs in a sustainable ways,  multi-sectorial responses is required with properneed to the underlying reason, “Mishra said”.

The health ministry has developed National Multispectral Action Plan (NMAP) for stopover and control of NCDs and the Railways have agreed to this project as well, he said.

In the past, the health ministry has comrade with the Indian Railways in multipleinkling generation activity, such as untie of ‘Red Ribbon’ train and use of train hide up under tobacco control programmer, Mishra said.

Inquiry of pnr status

PNR is the specific 10 digit unique number printed on the passenger ticket by which passenger seats status as well as passenger record is maintained during the journey by train. PNR stands for passenger name record, and it is printed on left corner of every reservation ticket, so that passenger record could be maintained easily. Furthermore, PNR number play vital role for checking “inquiry of pnr status” in easy way whether ticket has been confirmed or not. Because, it has unique number and it is put down on railway website for searching and result comes out within a second and seeker/passenger get confirmed about seat status whether it is confirmed or not. To be specific, when a reserved railway ticket is booked for a train in Indian Railways, all the details of passengers are stored in relational database of centralized reservation system. These details are associated with a unique ten digit number. This reference number is called PNR and it is printed on the ticket.

As we know that every train has limited seats and customer are more than the seats in this case confirm tickets become available for limited number of passenger those who are equal to availability of  number of seats and rest of them get waiting ticket. In this situation, waiting list ticket holder always check their ticket status by pnr number, because due to ticket cancelation activity by someone  waiting ticket also become confirm then, current status of ticket is called pnr status. In other words, we can say that pnr status show the current status of passenger berth whether it is confirmed or not and due to pnr number passenger record is maintained in Indian railway database also.

Process for checking PNR status is shown below:-

  • PNR status can be checked through online railway website.
  • Using current reservation check sms.
  • On enquiry counter.
  • By visiting final chart prepared.

Some popular website by which PNR status is checked out easily:-


Railways offer platform for products of NGOs, SHGs


Railways offered today, help to NGOs and self-liquidating advances/self-help group (SHGs) to utilization its organization for push their activities for the mileage of their community With the goal of improve its social foot-marks, railways would modulate hands with NGOs for disposable their property including ethnic meal and trade.

If our union and infrastructure could be harness for some social profits. it should be finished, Railway Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu Mentioned at the seminar connected for raising the sociable footprint of railways in static manners.





The seminar will finding signal for formulating Insurance on working with NGOs on social avail.He said to SHGs can add the e-catering trading of railways and deal their ethnic feed.”Food/fare, handicraft yield and other vitta active through the NGOs can be sold by our e-portals. It will be profitable for both,” he said. SHGs have already started to sells their goods in the Kankan area with the help of  national bank for agricultural and rural development (Nabard).

“It is gaining railways and also SHG. Handicraft wares can be marketed through IRCTC site,” It added.Except leveraging reach of IRCTC for disposable products of talent-based enterprises, railways will try station in the secret area and old coaches for the Exercise of NGOs.

Berth checkout in Indian Railways



Indian railways is the most comfortable and uncomfortable track of transport in India. The greatest connectivity is, never ending waiting lists, never toilets cleanup, overcrowded coaches are some of the highlights of our complicated situations.

First Class AC – Only for the “richest people”. Ticket rates can match that means approximately any domestic airline fare. Only a few compartments available in mostly  trains.

Second Class AC – Super easily. Only 6 berths in compartment. Three stacks of two. If you’re tall, you’ll understand. Costs around 60% of the first AC class.

Third Class AC – The economy class of Indian railways. Still a comfortable option.   8 berths. 2 stacks of three and one of two. Costs around 35-40% of the first class. Seats available in richness in most of the trains. So it considering all the phase and the weather (don’t travel in anything below this during peak summers or winters)

Sleeper Class – Remove the AC from 3-AC and add the waiting-list travelers, who would ask you to share your seat because they really need to go to this place but couldn’t get the ticket at the end of the moment. Well actually you don’t really mind berths are wide enough to seat 4. Don’t feel shy asking them to find another place when you want to sleep. Dirty toilets, sedan all around by the time the train reaches its destination (which also happens in 3-AC by the journey). Best way to travel if you’re in a group. Costs around 15-20% of the first class.

General class – You DO NOT want to travel in the general class but helpless people can do it.

As a frequent traveler and an underpay architect, I prefer traveling in sleeper class.

Now i am talking about on a micro level, there are 5 different type of berths in all, apart from the chair cars or general seating which provide you with a place to sit and that’s it. Not much variants in that.

The berth types are as follows:

LOWER – This berth is the most comfortable seat, unless you like to sleep all through your journey. Because it is also the seat for the upper two berths. It is well ventilated in case of sleeping and doesn’t get too chilly in AC coaches. You have your luggage beneath or besides you, so you can have a good sleep without worrying much about it.

MIDDLE – The middle berth is totally depends on the mood of the lower berth. It goes up when they want to sleep and goes down otherwise. You can always exchange seats in case you want to sleep in day and the other person doesn’t. The better part about this berth/site is that it is the cleanest seat for sleeping on. It is cool and airy enough because it is a better angle and less interrupted with the fan and also you get a slit of window near about your head. So in case you don’t feel sleepy but you are forced to lie down. You can just look outside and enjoy the scenery.

UPPER –The chitchatting aunties, the irritating kids, the pan-spitting uncles, you’re above them all, literally. Earphones plugged and ready to dream about the destination. It gets a bit chilly in case of AC coaches because the vent is right above you. Gets Supper Hot in sleepers during the summers when one tiny fan cannot help and the roof of the train is right above. It’s not usually bad in the night though. Not very comfortable to sit because of the ceiling.

SIDE LOWER – This berth/sites is usually provided to two people that is called RAC, these seats are not confirmed, which is reservation against the cancellation, which means in case someone cancels their ticket at the end moment or doesn’t show up, you get their full seat. In case nobody cancels their tickets, you have to share it with another passenger through out the journey. Gets really misshapen when you want to sleep. Side lower is always in the way and is not exactly that comfortable people passing by every other second sides and there is not much scope to hang your legs because of the passage, so if you are tall, stretching while sleeping is not an option..

SIDE UPPER – Almost  the same thing as the side lower berth. But it’s Better that you don’t have to share to third persons. Plenty of headroom, so you really don’t need to come down to another sits. Look all around what is happening inside the train. It feels like a stage and everyone’s looking at you from the lower berths..

IRCTC launched, SMS based Passenger Complaint & Suggestion System (SPCSS) for Indian Railways passengers.

Indian Railways Gov.  have introduced a System where one can complain from a running train.  The SMS about complaint will be admitted and attended. Give the Train No., Bogie No., intact/exact nature of complaint will be like no water in toilets, no lights, fans aren’t working, security problem or whatever,, through  the SMS.  The Railway number to which one can SMS is 8121281212.  This No. will help someone in emergency.




  • To get Review/complaints/suggestions from customers/public through SMS for aligning railway resources and priorities to customers’ aspirations and expectations.
  • To reduce the gap between the customers’ expectations and railway’s performance.
  • To help railways prioritize focus areas.
  • To faster greater participation of customers in railway services.


  • Complaint/suggestion can be registered at this No. 8121281212 by sending an SMS.
  • In response, an automated recognized with a unique ID will be sent as an SMS.
  • With the unique ID, passenger can know the status of the complaint by sending SMS written this type and send it:- “STATUS < SPACE > <REFERENCE ID>” to 8121281212 or by logging on our website
  • Final reply will be sent through an SMS and will also be available on website-

Railways New Catering Policy 2017: All You Need To Know

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Railways New Catering Policy 2017: All You Need To Know

Indian Railways is continuously improving to provide passengers, world-class catering services. Recently, we have get news that came up with the beginning of this year that separates cooking section from the food distribution on the train is an exponential one.This new policy published by our honorable Indian Railway Minister  Mr. Suresh Prabhu, delinks food production and distribution departments.  This is a great move to provide delicious food cooked under the hygienic environment and distributed by professionals that belong to hospitality industry.




Railways New Catering Policy 2017

Under food making sections, women SHG would be contacted to deliver tasty food that would benefit women that belong to self-help group (SHG).Let us give a closer look at some of the key points of this Indian Railways New Catering Policy announced in year 2017

Key features – For Mobile Units

IRCTC will manage mobile units from now. This includes new railway trains that have been started only for a short duration. IRCTC will look after pantry car services as well. IRCTC from now, will own kitchens that were supplying foods and manage quality foods supply and services. IRCTC will set up its kitchen at different stations plus manage, All 4- base kitchens that were earlier under the departmental operation of Nagpur, CSTM, BCT and Balharshah.

All kitchen units including refreshment rooms at A1- A category stations, jan-aahaar,  cell kitchens, and much more.



From now on, the structure of Indian railway Kitchen, land, and allotted spare will be given to the IRCTC management for an extended period of 5 years with token fees of only Re.1/sqft. p.a or Rs.100/- p.a.

All the businesses’ models of IRCTC kitchen will be framed by IRCTC in order to improve the services and system.

New development plans for kitchen will be set by IRCTC and approval can be taken from the board of Indian Railways.

No private licensing or outsourcing for catering service shall be done by IRCTC.

A-la-carte food menu will be decided by IRCTC.

Tariff rates on food will be fixed and approved by the board of Indian Railways.

IRCTC can ask for help from SHGs.

Other Key Features – For Static Units

All static units like trolleys at stations, tea or milk stalls, and catering booths will come under zonal Railways except mobile kitchens (as told earlier will be given to IRCTC).

IRCTC will manage food catering services of food plazas, fast food courts and other food units.

Open tender will be released for minor catering units. This is the first time in the history of Indian Railways that open tendering will decide the minor catering units. Don’t worry for the technical eligibilities as they are simplified for betterment.

Open tender system for milk stalls as well provided the agency is certified by FSSAI.

All static units will be appointed for a limited period of 5 years only and there would be no provision of renewal.

Final Words:- All of these new catering services on static and mobile services ensures that Indian Railways catering services would show improvement.

Holi rush leads to traffic hie on IRCTC website


A huge rush in demand for train tickets in the run up to Holi has put pressure on the online ticket booking website of the Railways, which is hosted by Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).

Starting month of march,  average hits on the IRCTC website at any given point during the Tatkal booking hours have touched 10-12 lakh, a 20%  increase over the annual average of 8-9 lakh. Tatkal booking hours are between 10 am-12pm , when passengers can book ticket a day before by paying a high-fay fare.

Earlier this week, tickets booked on the website touched a record high of 5.72 lakh a day and check “Pnr status” of multiple times on the Irctc.



“On Monday, 5.5 lakh tickets were booked, 4.69 lakh on Tuesday and 5.10 lakh on Wednesday,” said the official, adding that in March so far, over five lakh tickets were booked every day & every day users wants to gets the conform tickets because of waiting tickets and people worried about waiting ticket thas’s why people check the multiple time of “Pnr status”.



Additionally, the festival rush is also reflected in the extra money that people are wishful to shell out to book tickets in the Holi special trains that the Railways is running between New Delhi and Mumbai; and New Delhi and Jammu Tawi. Fares in these trains move effective – based on demand – and tickets for these trains can only be booked online.

Now some real thing is happening in those trains.

For the Holi special trains to Jammu Tawi, on Thursday, in the AC 2-tier and  AC-3-tier segments, people paid about Rs_1,400 more than the regular train fare. Those travelling in the non-AC  i.e sleeper segment were ready to shell out Rs_440 more than the Tatkal tickets.


Soon, Aadhar Card will be must for booking the train tickets online.

The railways will soon move towards, linked-up Aadhar-based online ticket booking  system to prevent touts from blocking a large of tickets, end fraudulent bookings and curb cases of impersonations. Aadhar number has been made mandatory for senior citizens to avail/profits concessions in train tickets from April 1st-2017. A three-month trial run for this is going on.

As per the new business plan 2017-18, unveiled by railway minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu on Thursday, besides the Adhara-based ticketing/booking system, the railways will move towards the  cashless ticketing system by installing 6,000 point-of-sale machines and 1,000 automatic ticket vending machines across the country.An integrated ticketing app will also be launched, It may be to promote cashless transaction.

“Aadhaar number will be required for one-time registration at the IRCTC  ticketing site. This step is taken for aimed at eliminating touts from registering with “fake identities,” a senior railway ministry official said, adding the railways is preparing a software for these purpose.

Also Read: Furnishing of Aadhaar mandatory for final settlement for pension claims: EPFO

This Despite taking various steps , touts corner a bulk/large of tickets and sell out those too much higher prices  from public and this is generating/becoming a serious problem for the railways.The new business plan also envisages launching of new tourist trains connecting hill stations and enhancing passenger comfort and providing pleasurable & great moments  journey experience through improving amenities and catering service.

Group D RRCNR Railway Recruitment 52000 Vacancies 2017-2018.

Group D RRCNR Railway Recruitment 52000 Vacancies 2017-2018.

RRCNR Recruitment Group D 2017 Advertisement has been released  Online. So guys are you ready  for applying  Railway Group D recruitment 2017.  Now Finally, Railway Recruitment Cell (RRC) Northern Railway was published the most searching  advertisement for the Latest upcoming recruitment of  Group –D Vacancies. If you are planning/looking  to apply than  please make sure before selecting the Zone Railway for applying Online that vacancies for her/his while eligible for this posts or not. Condidats can submit their applications through ONLINE mode using to any 1 of the 15 other RRCs of Indian Railway 2017.




RRCNR Jobs 2017 Recruitment

Railway Recruitment Cell Northern Railway 2017 released various vacancies  for Group- C and Group- D posts. It’s  abbreviated as Railway Recruitment Cell Northern Railway. RRCNR Permanent Central government vacancies 2017 has been published successfully please go to  the official website. Group C & Group D 2017 Apply Online by official website of RRCNR board at This is most important notification of the year for who looking government railways  jobs in India , as huge numbers  of candidates are looking for the upcoming “2017 RRCNR Group C & Group D Jobs” according to their qualifications. Most of  the candidates are too  much confused after getting the number of rumors/new regarding the notification of RRNCR Group D Recruitment 2017. Candidates can download Group C & Group D  Railway Recruitment in India 2017. Railway Group D Vacancy in India 2017 Apply Online. Central Railway Vacancy 2017 Apply Online from here.