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IRCTCONLINERESEVATION is offering online services. such as- Indian Railways PNR Status Enquiry, Railway PNR Enquiry, Inquiry of PNR Status.

There is a very common technical reason behind this fact that IRCTC doesn’t allow us to book tickets according to our preference, and the problem behind this is PHYSICS.Booking a seat/seats in a train, is far more different than booking a seat in a theatre crutain. Theater is a Hall, where as trains is a moving object, so according to safety concern is very high in trains. IRCTC ticket booking Software or Applications designed in such a way that it will book tickets in a manner that will distribute the load evenly in a train.
NOW ,Let’s taken an example to make things more clearly : Imagine there are various Classes in a train and the numbered S1, S2 S3… S10, and Every coach there are 1-72 seats. So when someone first books a ticket, software will assign a seat in the middle coach like S5, The middle seat numbered between 20-30, and prefer lower berths. (Railways first fills the lower berths than upper one so as to achieve low center of gravity.)

The software booked seats in such a way that all the coaches have uniform passenger distributions and seats are filled starting from the middle seats like (36) to seats near about the gates i.e :- 1-2 or 71-72 in order from lower to upper breths. Railways (IRCTC) just want to ensure a proper balance that each coach should have for equal load distributions. That ‘s why and when we book a ticket in last and always allotted an upper berth and a seat numbered around 2-3 or 70, Except you are not taking a seat of someone who has cancelled their seat.
If the railways books the tickets randomly, Than A train is a moving to the objects which moves around at the speed of around 100-150Km/Hr on the track. So there are a lots of forces and mechanics acting on the train.
Now Just imagine If the coaches S1, S2, S3 are completely full and S5, S6 are full empty and others are partially full, so when the train taken turns, some coaches are keeping maximum centrifugal force and kept some minimum, and this creates a high chance of the derailment of train. This is a very technical aspect, when brakes are applied there will be different braking forces acting at the time and each of the coaches because of the huge differences in weight of coaches, so that the stability of train becomes an issue again.
Conclusion: There are many forces acting on moving objects/body. Dynamics of a moving body is completely different from a stationary one. So it’s always hard to understand a moving objects. And yes there are technical solutions behind this problems. Like we have developed Double-Decker trains which is an achievement in itself, because it achieves a very high center of gravity force, and for many countries in the world Double-Decker train isn’t possible.
Here, railway ticket booking software is decades oldest version, and at that time railway didn’t have much technology compared to the contemporary time.

Check PNR Live Status & Passenger Name at 139

A PNR is an idoms form of Passenger Name Record (PNR) in a travel Industry. It is basically a record of the travel plane for a passenger or group of passengers (travelling together) from Source to Destination in the database of a Computer Reservation System (CRS).

PNR number is the 10 digit unique number printed on the left hand side of the top of railways tickets. It’s  indicates the confirmed or waiting list status of your ticket along with the coach no and seat allotments.

These following  ways for getting the PNR status including checking PNR status online on IRCTC site, Irctconlinereservation,  by  the mobile alert SMS,  by using services of various travel websites.

The simplest method for getting conformation of pnr status:

First of up all enter your 10 digit PNR Number in the box above and click on “Get PNR Status” button. Within few seconds your current Railways PNR Status will be displayed on your computer screen, mobile screen, or get sms in your mobile etc.

PNR Status Enquiry through SMS: Like phone call, texting is also becoming a reliable resource of communication. Many people preferred texting rather than calling. Keeping in mind the increased use of text messaging Indian railways has also decided to offer.

This was initially launched by the IRCTC.

Flowed the order to get the PNR status on your mobile phone through SMS, you simply have to send the following message to 139 plz


Example: If you have a PNR number ‘9888888888’

You simply have to send PNR ‘9888888888’

This inqury is available on most of the major cellular networks (Airtel, Aircel, Idea, BSNL, MTNL, MTS, Tata, Reliance, Telenor, Vodafone etc.


Everything You need to know about RRB(SSE & JE) exams

From Now we will be publishing articles mostly related to RRB exams which are aimed to cover every aspects of rrb exams either it is technical or non-tech exams. So let me start with this informative blog with brief over view of general RRB exams like what is rrb actually and what are the general eligibility to take the exam.

What is RRB Exam?
Railway Recruitment Board conducts many written examinations to recruit
candidates for various RRBs. RRB has published notification for Junior Engineers, Senior Sector Engineers (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Communication and Maintenance) and for Group “D” Posts.

Benefits of Railway Jobs?
Securing jobs can only be found
on railways and no recession of
IT sectors or no other sector will
disturb you.
*Home allowance
*Free health care
*Free child care
*Railway Passes availability and
many more

Indian Railways is going to recruit for 80,000 RRB Vacancies by the Upcoming Railway Jobs 2016-17. This is the great chance for all the candidates. The biggest news is that now government of India conducts the exam online to get rid of the students who leaks paper and fake candidates.

RRB Eligibility:
Technical departments include civil, mechanical and technical engineering,telecommunication and signalling, and several others dealing with similar disciplines, while the non-technical departments include general services such as accounts, personnel management, Railway protection Force or security and traffic services, among others. Candidates who are willing to apply for Railway Technical Cadre / Non Technical CadrenExam must saw Eligibility before apply.

Railway Exam conducts four section which are:
General Knowledge : Stay
touched with all the current
affairs and news channel. Read
newspaper daily.
Arithmetic Ability: This is
section in Railway exam is time
consuming so better do not
struck on one question and leave
the question which take more
than one minute
General Intelligence: This is the
most easy section and help you
to score more. to score good you
need to practice more and more
so that it will help you to boost
your speed.
General Science: T his section
consist the question of the basic
level of science.

I hope this will help you and for more doubt feel free to comment below.

Today Major Digital push by Indian Railways for Cashless Economy

Today Major Digital/Digitally push by Indian Railways for Cashless Economy.

Government of India encourages the people to move towards a Cashless Economy. This can be achieved by use of net banking like that- debit cards, credit cards, electronic payment gateway systems such Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) and Real Time Gross settlement (RTGS) in India. The advantages to citizens in our country a Cashless Economy.

Now a days Moving ahead in line with the helps of digital India, Indian railways (IR) & IRCTC launched a mobile application for paperless unreserved tickets and Developed by Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) “utsonmobile/”UTS Mobile Ticketing” – the paperless unreserved ticketing feature in mobile application aims to eliminate the need for printing of unreserved tickets.
Mr.Suresh Prabhu launched the service/application aimed at the esayly books the tickets or esaing the ticket process for both the Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE) and the customers also, “Indian Railways (irctc) is heading towards The Digital India to bring transparency in Indian Railways and thus these ITs enabled applications have been launched.”

The Union Minister for Railways, Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu launching the Paperless Unreserved Ticketing through Mobile Phone between New Delhi – Palwal Section (NR), developed by the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS), through Video conferencing from Rail Bhavan, in New Delhi on September 01, 2015.

Unreserved Paperless Mobile Ticketing supports/System, These Android applications and Windows operating system are available in Google Play Store and Windows Store respectively.

Firstly the application is downloaded your phone and installed it,than passenger has to register his/her mobile number through his/her smartphone OR by visiting the websites:-

The application features the following:

• Quick Booking
• Normal Booking
• Cancel Ticket
• Booking History
• Profile
• Show Ticket
• Logout

Passengers can book tickets by following these steps given below:

After downloading the “app” a passenger has to register his/her mobile number through the smartphone or by visiting the website.After get registration is successful, Railway Wallet (R-Wallet) will be created your account automatically with zero balance to the passenger. There will be no extra cost/charges for creating R-Wallet.

The R-Wallet can be recharged either at any of the UTS counter or By recharge option is available on the website.
Currently, Paperless Ticket can be booked for Journey Ticket, Season Ticket and Platform Ticket etc. Platform Ticket booking is allowed for some stations only not all stations.

Some time internet connection of the mobile is not going up or not working up, then ticket booking is not firstly check your internet connection.

No advance ticket booking is allowed i.e., the journey date will always be the current date.

Ticket will be delivered in the mobile application itself at the time or few min. ago. Whenever Ticket Checking Staff asks for it, than the passenger will use ‘Show Ticket’ option in the app. once booked the ticket cannot be cancelled.

There are some keys to be kept in mind while registering for the service. The mobile number entered during registration should be the same as the one being used while booking tickets and travilling time. Mobile number will always be used as user- id by default for login purposes. The city entered will be used to Customization, the application during booking ticket, to show the source station for the passenger.

online ticket booking at irctc : eTicketing system

In this era of technology, India is also going digital with remarkable sevrvices that will make life easy of humankind. Services such as online paymentns, online ticket booking either for airplane or bus, online shopping and manyother. In this article I will describe how you can create new IRCTC account to book online railways tickets in india to save your time and money.

Step by step guide to IRCTC registration

First Open in your browser. And click on irctc sign up button which will redirect you to the below registration form.
Now you can start filling the details in registration form. Make sure you will enter the right mobile number and email address. Choose the username and fill other details. By clicking on sumbmit tegistraion form and by clicking on accepting terms and condition button the form will be submitted.

After you have submitted registration form, you need to verify your mobile number and email address and after getting verified just go to irctc login page. Enter your ID and password to login your account.
Yoy will also get OTP to verify your mobile number which you will have to enter after submition of registration form.
And you have just done registering on irctc for online railways ticket booking.
Note: you will have to pay online by linking your bank account with irctc or you can just use your debit card or credit card for the payments ticket.

Since it is really easy procedure, it will be better to have online booking and registering system to get benefits for several services. You will also be able to cancel the tickets just on case it need. Booking online railyway ticket is not hard as long as you will go tbrough above steps and follow the instructions.

Maharaja Express – The Palace on the Wheels


The Indian Railways as well as the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) provides a comprehensive range of luxury train travel in India. Among all luxury trains, The Maharaja Express is one of the luxury trains owned by the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) and operated since 2010.

In the row of Luxury facilities during the journey, Maharajas Express stands first compare than other luxury trains. India offers many luxurious trains for luxury travel lover that include all lushness and pleasure for Journey.

The reintroduced Maharaja Express train offers 5 itineraries, all of which either begin or end in Delhi and include a visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra. Each morning, the train arrives at a different station for off-rail excursions, including visits to monuments, heritage sites, shopping, palaces, forts, and hotels and many more.

It was entitled to the 2011 list of World’s Top 25 Trains by The Society of International Railway Travellers and was praised for its on-board accommodation and dining facilities, service, and off-train excursion program.


Services offered by Maharaja Express

Maharaja Express offer 4 type of suits.

1 : Deluxe Cabin (112 squre feet area)

2 : Junior Suit (150 squre feet area)

3 : Suit and (220 squre feet area)

4 : Presidential Suit (448 squre feet area)

Internet : Maharaja Express Train is equipped with high speed internet.

Restaurant : There are two restaurant in Maharaja Express :

1 : Mayur Mahal

2 : Rang Mahal

Bar : Maharaja has a bar named “Safari Bar” is well stocked with the most exclusive collection of house brands of beers, wine and spirits, which all come complimentary.

Indoor Game :

Drinking Water

New Paper and Magazines





Air Ambulance

Personnel Travel Insurance

Ticket prices of Maharaja express


Deluxe Cabin:

Twin Occupancy

Per person per journey

$ 3,850

Single Occupancy

$ 6,760

Junior Suite:

Twin Occupancy

Per person per journey

$ 4,950

Single Occupancy

$ 9,410


Twin Occupancy

Per person per journey

$ 7,600

Single Occupancy

$ 15,200

Presidential Suite:

Twin Occupancy

Per person per journey

$ 12,900

Single Occupancy

$ 25,800

Maharaja express is also known as

The Treasure of India

Gems of India

The Indian Panorama

The Splendour of India

The Heritage of India


This train is covering Maharashtra, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh tourist destination.


Everything you need to know about IRCTC e wallet!

IRCTC eWallet is a scheme under which user can deposit money in advance with IRCTC and can be used as payment option along with other payment options available on IRCTC for paying money at the time of booking tickets.

IRCTC eWallet scheme provides following advantages:

  • Hassle free and secure transactions.
  • Precious booking time saved by eliminating payment approval cycle.
  • Benefit of saving Payment Gateway charges per ticket.
  • Manage account online and top up online.
  • Dependency on a specific bank is reduced, as when any of the provided banks go offline, you can still book tickets from your IRCTC eWallet account

7 Easy steps to register and book ticket through IRCTC eWallet:

  1. Login to IRCTC with your existing IRCTC user id and password.
  2. Click the “IRCTC eWallet Registration” link under IRCTC eWallet Section in the “Plan my travel” page.
  3. Complete Verification process by providing PAN CARD No. and other details.
  4. Deposit one time registration fee of Rs.50/-(Inclusive of Service Tax of 14 %, Swachh Bharat Cess of 0.5 % and Krishi Kalyan Cess of 0.5%) online with any of the available payment options.
  5. Membership fee and Redemption is subject to change at the discretion of IRCTC.
  6. Credit the IRCTC eWallet account with the minimum deposit of Rs.100/- and top up with the required booking amount. Maximum amount permitted in user’s account is Rs. 10,000.
  7. Pay ticket booking amount through IRCTC eWallet which is displayed as payment option along with other Banks.

Salient features of IRCTC eWallet are:

  • User Authentication: IRCTC eWallet users will be verified and authenticated through their PAN card number in an Online Verification Process.
  • Secured Access: IRCTC offers secure booking through IRCTC eWallet by providing Transaction Password/ PIN Number that is required to be entered for every booking done through IRCTC eWallet.
  • Complete History: User is provided with a separate link namely IRCTC eWallet that offers IRCTC eWallet Transaction history, IRCTC eWallet payment History & change transaction password options.
  • Easy Refund: In case of ticket cancellation, the due refund will be credited to your IRCTC eWallet Account next day.

Please note:

  • Registration Fee: Rs 50 (non-refundable)
  • Transaction Charge: Rs 5 per transaction
  • No cash refunds / No redemption allowed.
  • IRCTC eWallet balance can only be used for booking railway tickets

Some interesting facts about IRCTC website

Here are few more facts about IRCTC:

1. It has server bandwidth of 775 Mbps- 1 Gbps.
2. Any time 1.2 lac user can access the website.
3. Tickets issued per day on an average- 432826
4. Capacity to issue tickets per minute- 7200

Tickets issued per year:
2010-2011: 9,69,11,000
2011-2012: 11,61,77,000
2012-2013: 14,06,88,000
2013-2014: 15,79,81,713


Few more

Indian railways undoubtedly is one of the most surprising and amazing thing to happen for the country and its citizens. This is because, this institution boasts of employing the maximum number of employees in the world and also runs the maximum number of trains on a daily basis, ferrying millions of citizens and foreigners visiting the country throughout the length and breadth.

This is a fact that is acknowledged by most people and is indeed something amazing. Besides this, it is the Indian railways that help people of all states and communities to come together and explore and understand one another.

In short, it can be stated that it is this transport medium that helps people to visit every part of India and to understand it much better. Besides this, it is also the cheapest mode of transportation not only in the country, but also acknowledged abroad. Even though inflation has raised double digits, the concerned authorities and the governments have tried to ensure that the prices of the fares do not raise more than the basic requirement, so that the poorest of the poor in the country can also apply it.

Besides it, there are several forms of discounts offered to the citizens in some form of the other, which further brings down the rates and helps them to avail the transport to reach their destination. It is really a wonder that is not otherwise seen even in the developed countries.

With millions of bookings taking place from throughout the country, the authorities have embraced technology to free the counters and to make it possible for the citizens to carry out the bookings and to Indian railway check pnr status enquiry and other vital information over the net. This dream has been realized with the launching of official railway website along with numerous private ones that are linked to the main portal that provides relevant and accurate information.

This automatically helps the individuals to avoid agents and long queues that are generally seen outside the ticket counters. Be it a single ticket or a for a group, booking and checking the status online is fun, quick and just takes a couple of clicks and mentioning of some vital personal information.

The railways do play a vital role in the lives of the Indians and there is no denying the fact. The presence of online site to verify PNR Status has further simplified the task of booking and checking the status that would be required to ensure that the berths are confirmed and the coach and seat numbers have been allotted. This does help the individual to have safe and smooth journey and also to avoid tussle with the other co-passengers.

The verified status that is confirmed can then printed out and shown to the Ticket Collector during the journey. The printed paper is very much valid like that of the ticket that is issued from the counter. The individual just needs to have an ID proof that needs to be displayed along with the print out ticket.


How to cancel e ticket on ?

Along with easy ticket booking cancellation is much easy when it comes to IRCTC’s booking facility. Here is step by step guide on how can you cancel tickets on IRCTC website.

step:1 Just go to the Website (

You Will have Something Like This

step:2  Use The Same User Id and Password Which Was Used For Booking the Ticket . Enter Correct Captcha.

You will  Get This Window

step:3  Click On Cancel Ticket to get the Window as Below. Here You Will get the List of All The Tickets that are Booked Using the Same Login Details.


​step:4  Select The Ticket Which You Want to Be Cancelled And Click on Cancel Ticket Option Given at  The Right Corner.

step:5 You Will Get a Pop-up to Confirm Your Cancellation.

step:6  Again Select the Option And Click on Cancel Ticket

And that’s it.  Indian railway is also offering many other service that can not be afford to miss. Hope it will help you in such as if you want to cancel your tickets.

Steps for stopping the corruption in Tatkal Ticket Booking System

In the present scenario, most of the people want travel by train for their destination places from source places. But, due to heavy rush in the train it is not easy task for the passenger. So, there is scarcity of reservation ticket for travelling but railway ministry given facility for urgent ticket booking which having name is “TATKAL TICKET BOOKING SYSETM”. This booking service is available in both mode online and offline. But there is so many fraud activity is done during TATKAL TICKET BOOKING in online manner sometime in Offline mode also. Due to these activity, normal customer or passenger become victim of it.

Now question arise here why such activity is happened? Its answer is very easy, behind this activity several reason is there like:- limited seats available for “Tatkaal Quota” and number of ticket demand is so high, some broker gets ticket from ticket counter as well as  online by bad manner to earn money by selling the ticket to the customer. That’s why ticket availability becomes shortage very soon and several customers miss their reservation ticket. For removing such problems our government need to take some concrete steps for stopping such kinds of scams from “Tatkal ticket booking System”.

According to my opinion, what steps should be taken to eradicate such problem from Tatkal ticket booking system so that maximum people could avail this facility and that steps are shown below:

  • IRCTC website must be fully secured so that it could not be operated by some others plugins, tools, software. Sometime IRCTC website is hacked by someone and ticket become shortage to others customers.
  • Number of Tatkal ticket seats should be increased like double or triple so that more numbers of people can avail this services.
  • Number of compartment should be increased so that Tatkal seats could increase for the people.
  • In the festival season, there must be allocated some extra number of trains with tatkal reservation seats facility so that, in the case of emergency needy people can book the ticket in this special train also.
  • There should be established monitoring team to monitor the tatkal booking system at reservation counter. Because, we know that so many agents, broker perform their bad activity to book the ticket by bribery to railway staff and they ultimately sell that ticket to customer on high amount.
  • there should be proper verification of Id Proof during the Tatkal Ticket Booking so ticket could not booked by Fraud Id proof because, Broker always use Fraud ID card during Ticket Booking.

So, these are the basic some steps as well idea that can minimize the corruption In the Tatkal reservation Ticket Booking System. As we know that, population of our country is very high so completely removing of fraudism is very tedious task so, it can be minimized only