Indian railway importance for India

Physical communication is a very big and essential activity for every country.  Without physical communication nobody can go from one place to other place like: to join the office, nobody can travel from one city to other city, nobody can go to meet with their relatives who live very far from each other. So, physical communication is necessary for everyone. This activity can be performed by various medium like:-by train, by car, by aero plane and by walk. But every traveling medium has some limitation of it. Some traveling medium is very expensive and has low capacity to carry the people ex: – aero plane, car these are the expensive traveling medium in our country because majority of the people of our country cannot disserve for this.

In the context of physical communication, Indian railway play vital role in our country. Indian railway is a backbone of India by which most of the working activity of our country is positively affected like: – assist the people to join the office daily in the local city or town to people, it carry the heavy load throughout the India as per requirement and many more. Apart from this, thousands of train runs for long distance to link the state level communication for people with reservation as well as general seating facility, so that people can travel for long distance in safe and convenient manner. Such types of services of train are the main beauty of our Indian railways. Without train we cannot think about long distance travel under the low cost in our country. so, train playing very big role for Indian people from long time ago.

There are several departments and working sector affected by the Indian railway services. Indian railway regulates the train running activity and its function that directly apply impact over the other working sector. Sectors that are affected by the train are shown below:–

  • Travelling activity is directly affected by train.–most of the people of our country travel to full fill their need by train daily like:-person reach their office by train travel.
  • Heavy raw material carried by train: — There are so many factories, port and business source available form where goods carried to the destination. Raw material and made product is also carried from one places by train in our country. This activity is also done by others medium like truck and others vehicle but its limitation is very low so, train is used for this task.
  • It provides low cost ticket for the Indian people journey:– by virtue of train we can travel in the low cost as compare the other travelling medium like :-aero plane, car etc.
  • Indian economy directly or indirectly: – train carry the mass level of people from one places to other places and train helping the full fill the people requirement directly or indirectly because other department employee, business man, worker travel by the train to full fill their task, if such activity will not be done then whole working system of our country will be affected. So, we can say that railway impacts directly or indirectly apply over the Indian economy. Our railway department returns the revenue to Indian economy.
  • It directly support to tourism department: – Indian railway directly affect the Indian tourism sector because, most of the tourist of our country go to fun and enjoy by train. There are several states in India where tourist place situated naturally or artificially where tourist wishes to go to visit that place like:–hill station, historical places, ocean and other natural beauty and these all places visit with the help of our Indian railway.


Furthermore, there are lots of other impacts of Indian railway that cannot be explained in the word. I hope that, in future our Indian railway system will be modernized with lots of advance features and that will challenge to other country’s railway system like:–USA, China, UK, JAPAN etc.

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