Indian Railways named at top 32 Healthy Workplaces

Healthy Workplaces

Indian Railways come amongst the top 32 Companies that were named “Healthy Workplaces”

Healthy Workplaces

Indian Railways along with 32 other companies today were named “Healthy Workplaces 2016” by an international organization that is working towards preventing noncommunicable diseases through a drastic change in lifestyle and education.

The name of the company doing this charitable work is Arogya World which is a non-profit organization and today amid growing challenges posed by the NCDs, it brought together amazing industry speakers to brainstorm and deliberate about how to improve the health of the employees at workplaces throughout the country.

Arogya World’s initiative to promote better and healthier workplaces saw 32 companies being titled as workplaces that were quite healthy and promoted a good lifestyle choice. From all around the world, the total number of healthy workplaces has now reached 79 that constitutes of a total workforce / employees of a staggering 2 million.

Indian Railways is the world’s largest employers and has employee strength of a mind-blowing 1.3 million. It was named as one of this year’s “Healthy Workplaces” and it was appreciated greatly for its commitment towards the health and wellness of its employees and staff.

The Founder and CEO of Arogya World, Nalini Saligram says that this is a new milestone in their journey towards creating a healthier India, promoting better and safer workplaces and preventing chronic diseases. She goes on to stress that it is a joint effort and no single individual can do it alone but together, they can make a profound impact on the public at large.

Statistics show that an estimated 20% of Indians suffer from at least 1 chronic health condition and 60 million Indians suffer from diabetes. In addition to that, 1 million people die each year from this chronic illness in the country. It is to prevent this situation that Arogya World works tirelessly to promote better lifestyles throughout the workplaces of the country and this is where Indian Railways come in as being one of the 32 companies this year with one of the “Healthy Workplaces”

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