Inquiry of pnr status

PNR is the specific 10 digit unique number printed on the passenger ticket by which passenger seats status as well as passenger record is maintained during the journey by train. PNR stands for passenger name record, and it is printed on left corner of every reservation ticket, so that passenger record could be maintained easily. Furthermore, PNR number play vital role for checking “inquiry of pnr status” in easy way whether ticket has been confirmed or not. Because, it has unique number and it is put down on railway website for searching and result comes out within a second and seeker/passenger get confirmed about seat status whether it is confirmed or not. To be specific, when a reserved railway ticket is booked for a train in Indian Railways, all the details of passengers are stored in relational database of centralized reservation system. These details are associated with a unique ten digit number. This reference number is called PNR and it is printed on the ticket.

As we know that every train has limited seats and customer are more than the seats in this case confirm tickets become available for limited number of passenger those who are equal to availability of  number of seats and rest of them get waiting ticket. In this situation, waiting list ticket holder always check their ticket status by pnr number, because due to ticket cancelation activity by someone  waiting ticket also become confirm then, current status of ticket is called pnr status. In other words, we can say that pnr status show the current status of passenger berth whether it is confirmed or not and due to pnr number passenger record is maintained in Indian railway database also.

Process for checking PNR status is shown below:-

  • PNR status can be checked through online railway website.
  • Using current reservation check sms.
  • On enquiry counter.
  • By visiting final chart prepared.

Some popular website by which PNR status is checked out easily:-

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