IRCTC launched, SMS based Passenger Complaint & Suggestion System (SPCSS) for Indian Railways passengers.

Indian Railways Gov.  have introduced a System where one can complain from a running train.  The SMS about complaint will be admitted and attended. Give the Train No., Bogie No., intact/exact nature of complaint will be like no water in toilets, no lights, fans aren’t working, security problem or whatever,, through  the SMS.  The Railway number to which one can SMS is 8121281212.  This No. will help someone in emergency.




  • To get Review/complaints/suggestions from customers/public through SMS for aligning railway resources and priorities to customers’ aspirations and expectations.
  • To reduce the gap between the customers’ expectations and railway’s performance.
  • To help railways prioritize focus areas.
  • To faster greater participation of customers in railway services.


  • Complaint/suggestion can be registered at this No. 8121281212 by sending an SMS.
  • In response, an automated recognized with a unique ID will be sent as an SMS.
  • With the unique ID, passenger can know the status of the complaint by sending SMS written this type and send it:- “STATUS < SPACE > <REFERENCE ID>” to 8121281212 or by logging on our website
  • Final reply will be sent through an SMS and will also be available on website-
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6 thoughts on “IRCTC launched, SMS based Passenger Complaint & Suggestion System (SPCSS) for Indian Railways passengers.

  1. Mukesh Chaudhary

    Sir there is no water in B1 coach of Sangam exp 14163 on 31 Jul 17 morning. I complain at night to lady TTE that flush point is unserviceable and due to this water is running out. She told that at Kanpur it will be rectified but no solution. Pls look into this

  2. Karnail Singh

    Just now I am traveling in train no.22126 from ldh to ngp A4 birth no.31 at ambala station still number 34 was not giving me rail neer after 4 to 5 times just he refused to give me rail neer it was showing in display but he forced me to took that local water bottle which was in his fridge I ask for complain book they misbehaved whit me n push me from thir shop the rail neer was put at the back side of local bottling fridge,please took action they are interested to sale local water without RO n without proper packing.


    When I boarded 12510 train in Visakhapatnam for Bangalore. It is very bad maintenance in 12510 train. So many passengers with out reservation occupied the entire coach. Despite requests they didn’t move from my berth. After hard efforts, finally they gave my berth. Iam not blaming for this as they are all having their requirements in this journey. I don’t know how the Indian Railways selling tickets more than capacity. A definite review is required in this regard.

  4. Baiju pr

    We r the passengers of the train no 16382 PNR No 465-6750288. We are travelling from ernakulam town to tirupati while we are travelling When TT arrived we showed our confirmation SMS and our ID card but he didn’t allow to travel he told us to show original ticket
    Unfortunately the tickets was with our co passengers in other compartment of the same train at that time their is no mobile range in the train and he fined us 365 rupees per head and the receipt no R0221708 after collecting the original ticket when we approached TT he said “he cannot do nothing go and complaint in ernakulam station” so kindly so necessary steps to refund our amount.
    Thanking you
    Your faithfully


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