IRCTC Online Reservation – A Comprehensive Guide to Book Tickets Online

IRCTC Online Reservation

Indian Railway, one of the vast railway networks of the world is nestled with lives of millions of passengers and travelers in India. The face of railway reservation has changed dramatically in the past few years by IRCTC. Railway reservation has been facilitated through Indian Railway’s subsidiary, IRCTC. Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is the face of Indian railway reservation system.

Standing in long queues in the railway reservation centers was the practice of people lived in bygone era. Are you still doing that? Well, you probably unaware about the irctc online reservation system. Book tickets in a jiffy and you are just a few clicks away from getting your ticket. Here is the simple guide on booking tickets via IRCTC online reservation system.

Requisites to use online railway reservation system

IRCTC user account

A valid IRCTC user account, which provides you access to the site you after you enter login ID and password. (If you don’t have an IRCTC user account, register with the IRCTC online reservation.) Indian railways do not allow any passenger to book tickets online without a valid user account.

Booking online tickets start from 120 days before the date of departure. So, you can plan in advance to book tickets using online railway reservation during the busiest times. For instance, festivals, national holidays, etc.

Open the site, Since the booking time starts from 12.20 am every morning, you can try to book tickets online as early in the midnight.

Enter login ID, password and captcha.


If you wish to book normal tickets, avoid booking tickets during tatkal hours (10.00 am to everyday. IRCTC online reservation site attracts a lot of traffic during tatkal ticket booking hours, which eventually may affect you.

Enter Details in Plan My Journey

IRCTC Website

From Station: Enter the station name / station code

To Station: Enter the station name / station code

Journey date: choose the date of travel you wish to book ticket

If you are flexible with date of travel (which you can travel a day or two in advance / late) select the box, Flexible with Date.

Select you flexible date


Ticket Type: Choose e-ticket / I-ticket from the dropdown list box

  • E-Ticket – Online ticket, which can be printed online.
  • I-ticket – The tickets will be delivered to your doorstep in the address registered with IRCTC during registration process.

Select, SUBMIT button.

Select Train and Class to reserve ticket

A page will display listing the trains running between the stations (From and to ) you selected. It is a comprehensive list that details the days on which the train runs, train number, name of the train, arrival and departure time, duration of travel and classes available in each train. These information can be help you finalize the train you wish to select.

Select Train

In the left corner, list of classes will be displayed. You can shortlist the trains based on class. For instance, Andaman Express has only 3rd Ac and Sleeper class.

Sleeper Class

To check availability, check on the class of train you selected. You can check the seat availability and total fare.

Check train availability


Choose the option, Book Now on the train and class you selected and proceed to booking your ticket.

Enter Passenger Details

IRCTC online reservation allows you to book a maximum of 6 passengers in a ticket. Enter the details as requested by the

  • Enter Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Preference of berth (allotted on basis of availability)
  • Check the box senior citizen (if the passenger is above 60 years of age to avail concession in the cost of ticket and a valid proof should be carried by senior citizen to validate the age)

Children under the age of 5 years don’t need ticket and you have the option to enter the details of the child. Children aged above 5 and less than 12 years are charged 50 % of the ticket cost by railway reservation system.

In put names

You have an option consider for auto upgradation. Say, if you have selected the Sleeper Class, when you consider auto upgradation, your ticket may upgradte to 3rd AC. However, it is not guaranteed and decided at the discretion of IRCTC online reservation system.

Enter the captcha and click NEXT button.

Validate the details of the passengers  

Validate the details of the passengers

The next page will display the details of the passenger and journey. Have a quick look at the details of the journey and confirm it. If you want to change class or name or age or other options, choose BACK button.


IRCTC Payment System

IRCTC online reservation system has tied with a majority of banks to enable easy transactions. You can use different modes of payment.

  • Payment through netbanking
  • Credit card payment
  • Debit card payment
  • IRCTC wallet (you should register for the wallet scheme)

Different Payment Systems

Choose the desired mode of payment the bank. Enter the relevant details in Netbanking / Credit card / debit card and click proceed.

Wait for a few seconds until the payment is processed. As soon as your payment is realized, your ticket will be booked and you will receive the details of the reserved tickets.

Ticket Reservation details

Once your tickets are booked, you will receive a confirmation message in the registered email ID and mobile number. There is no need to carry the print-out of the tickets booked via online railway reservation while you travel. However, you should carry a valid ID (passport, driving license, aadhar card, pan card, etc) to authenticate yourself while travelling.

What to do when payment is debited and ticket not booked

Sometimes due to technical errors from the payment gateway, the payment would be debited from your account, where you will not get the reserved ticket. Don’t panic. In such circumstances, IRCTC railway reservation system will refund the money back in 3 to 4 days. However, it happens rarely.

PNR Status Check

Remember, booking tickets online using IRCTC railway reservation system does not guarantee you confirmed tickets. The pnr status of the ticket at the time of booking is allocated based on the availability of the tickets when you booked it. So, ensure that you are aware about the availability of the ticket to get a confirmed seat in your travel. However, you can check the PNR status periodically to

IRCTC online reservation system is closed for booking from 11.45 pm to 12.20 am every day. The site remains inaccessible during this period for maintenance and users cannot book tickets. Be flexible when about the class of travel, trains running in specific direction and dates.

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