Mumbai to Goa Train Details

Mumbai to Goa Train

Mumbai To Goa Train

Mumbai to Goa Train

Deep rooted Portuguese culture and ultra—modernity are the identities of Goa. This small state of Goa offers everything a tourist may ask for. If you are a nature lover, then you can spend your vacation in the pristine beaches. You can even enjoy your evenings at the vivacious parties happening throughout the nights. Basilica of Bom Jesus Palolem Beach, Palolem Beach, and Dudhsagar Falls are few of the happening tourist destinations in Goa. Whereas, Mumbai is the financial capital of India and most of the business tycoon have launched their headquarters in this busy city. Many business heads plan their vacation or their business conferences in exotic locations and Goa tops the list.

Trains are the convenient and the cheapest mode of transport to Goa. Compared to bus, train travel is very comfortable and it is an enjoyable experience to witness the natural landscapes and the lush greens. Since Goa is one of the prominent tourist destinations in India, there are quite good number of trains to Goa. If you are travelling from Mumbai to Goa, then you have to travel by Konkan Railway.

There are many day and as well as night trains available from Mumbai to Goa. It takes approximately 12 hours to reach Goa. It is always better to book your trains as early as the reservation fills up fast. If you are travelling by night train, then you reach Goa station by early morning. There are almost 113 trains that are operated every week from Mumbai. The famous trains from Mumbai are Jan ShatabdiExpress, Mandovi Express, MnglaLksdpExp, KonkanKanya Express, CstmErs Special, Matsvagandha Express, Ltt Ten Special, PnbeVsg Express, Cst, Mao Spl, Ltt Mao AC Special. There are many more trains operating from Mumbai to Goa.

Before planning your trip to Goa, it is important to know about the stations where the trains departs and arrives. Usually, most of the trains depart from ChhatraptiShivaji Terminus which is formerly known as the Victoria Terminus. The railway code for this station is CST. There is another station in KurlaLokmanyatilak Terminus and many Goa trains depart from here as well. Located in South Goa, the central railway station in Goa is Margao and the railway code is MAO. If you are planning for a fun tour, then you can get down at Thivim (THVM) as it is very close to many beaches.

Jan Shatabdi Express Mumbai To Goa Train Number: 12051

One of the famous trains from Mumbai to Goa is Jan Shatabdi Express Mumbai. The train is operational for all the seven days of a week. The train departs at 5:25 AM from ChhatraptiShivaji Terminus from Mumbai and reaches Goa at 14:05 hours at Madgaon Junction (MAO). The total travelling time taken to reach Goa from Mumbai is 8 hours and 40 min and the distance from Mumbai to MAO Goa is 572 km. There are 67 intermediate stations and the train halts only at 7 major stations. There is on board catering service and you can buy your food in the train itself. In second class seating, the ticket fare is 270 rupees and for AC Chair Car is 940 rupees.


Mandovi Express Mumbai To Goa Train Number: 10103

If you are planning to get down in any of the intermediate stations in between the route from Mumbai to Goa, then you can choose Mandovi Express. This train is one of the slow trains from Mumbai and it takes around 11 hrs 35 min to reach Goa. The train departs at 7:10 AM from ChhatrapatiShivaji Terminus Mumbai (CST) and reaches Goa at 18:45 hrs. This train is operational for all the 7 days of the week. There are almost 18 halts and the total number of intermediate station is around 74. It even stops at Pernem and Thivim. You can buy your food and snacks through the on-board catering services or you can easily get your fresh and piping hot food from the pantry car during anytime of your travel. Infact, you can even get diet food from their pantry car. The ticket fares for regular travellers are as follows: second class sitting, Rs. 225, Sleeper, Rs. 390, AC 3-tier – Rs. 1060, AC 2-tier – Rs. 1530, AC 1st Class – Rs. 2590.


KonkanKanyaExpress Mumbai To Goa Train Number: 10111

KonkanKanya Express is one of the prominent trains from Mumbai. The train departs from ChhatrapatiShivaji Terminus Mumbai (CST) at 11: 05 PM and reaches Madagaon Junction MAO at 10:45 AM. The total time taken for the whole travel is around 11 hr 40 min. This train is available on all days. There are 18 halts in total so many travellers who want to get down at small towns in between then it is the right train to travel. Neatly packed foods are readily available in the on-board catering services or if you love fresh and hot food then you can get food from pantry car. The base fare for sleeper class is Rs. 390, AC 3—tier is Rs. 1060,          AC 2-tier is Rs. 1530 and AC first class is Rs. 2590.


Matsvagandha ExpressMumbai To Goa Train Number: 12620

Matsvagandha Express Mumbai departs from LokmanyaTilak Terminus (LTT) from Kurla at 15:20 hrs and reaches Mangalore Central at 7:30 PM the next day.  This superfast express reaches Madagaon Junction at 1:25 AM which is one of the halts. Food is provided through on-board catering and the dinner is loadedfrom Khed station. The train halts there for 10 mins and leaves the Madagaon station at 1:35 AM.


Madgaon AC Double Decker ExpressMumbai To Goa Train Number: 11085

Madgaon AC Double Decker Express Mumbai departs from LokmanyaTilak Terminus (LTT) at 5:30 in the morning and reaches Madgaon Junction Goa (MAO) at 5: 30 in the evening. The total train timing is around 12 hours. This double decker express operates for three days in a week which is on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. The number of halts is around 10 and the food is provided through on-board catering. The train is fully air conditioned and the AC Chair (seated, air conditioned) is around Rs. 835 which includes 3.7% service tax.Plan your trip to Goa by boarding your convenient train and have a fun filled journey.

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