Need of improvement in railway system

As we know that our Indian railway system is very old and its history is of 160 years ago. It was started by English government in India when English kingdom was established in our country. But after 160 years later our railway system has not developed as compare to another country like :- china,japan, USA,UK and many more countries. So now time has come to improvement in our railway system. At present scenario there are so many hurdles in the train operating activity like: – passenger journey, goods transportation by the train, these operating activities become effected due to some flaws of our railway system. So there is need to remove that flaws like delay train running, old track should be changed, platform should be neat and clean and many more activity should be done for the improvement of our railways system.
Main problem is train does not run on the schedule time. That’s why passenger feel uncomfortable and getting late to attain their office or reaching on destination. Such types of activity occur again and again in Indian railway system, and by this activity impression of Indian railway department degrade and this is not sign of our country’s impression also. On the other hand if we talk about other country railway system then another picture create in our mind. All railway system activity of other country is entirely different from our country because, in USA, UK, Australia, china, japan and several other country train run on the scheduled time and no rush in the train and traveller do their journey in safe and convenient manner. Furthermore, railway employee joins their duty on proper scheduled time as well as they work with their full potentiality. Apart from this there are another several reason with other country’s railway system like:–strong economy, public support to the railway department, administration department is very strict etc. due to these reason other country railway system is advance and better from our country.
So, there must be taken very strict decision by our prime minister as well as railway minister to improve the railway system so that we could do comparison of our railway system with other country railway system like:-japan, china, Australia, USA, UK and many more.
Now question arise in our mind what activity should be taken by our government to improve the railway system?
Activities that should be taken by our government to improve the Indian railway system that are shown below:–

  • There should be increased no of railway track throughout the India.
  • Number of train should be increased so that passenger could travel safely and comfortably.
  • Strong level protection should be provided in train as well as platform throughout the country so that traveler could feel safe and comfortable in train as well as platform.
  • There should be creating advance monitoring committee to monitor the whole department.
  • CCTV camera should be installed offices, platform, and ticket counter and train also so that no any railway staff could cheat with costumer.
  • Whole railway department should be implemented with information technology. So that opating activity in railway system could be done easily.
  • Proper investigation should be done in every department of railway with secrete manner so that flaws and anomalies could founded easily.
  • For transportation of goods by train there must be posted well and honest staff on the place from where goods are to be loaded in train compartment.

Furthermore, there is need of public support to protect the railway infrastructure as well as providing the better services to the public by railway department. In other word we can say that without public support no any department can be improved.
These are the basic activites that should be followed by our government as well as us also. So that our railway could be done advance or modernize

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