Need to modify Indian railway

As we know that changing is the natural phenomenon of every system in our surroundings with respect to time. Every system is modified or changed after few years so that system could run properly with respect to time. As for example, 20-30 years ago, in that moment official working activity was performed with manual working system like pen-paper mode but, trend changed in 1980 to 1990 era when computer comes into the working environment like offices, business activity and many more. But such kinds of working environment was not easier in India also, this types of working activity with computer was done in USA, UK, Australia and other developed  country. But along with modernization of technology computer effect increased gradually in every working sector of our country like:-railway, banking, shop, mall, corporate sector etc. whereas there is need to be changed much and more till now in every sector.

Let’s we discuss about railway system modification. With respect to time railway changed itself but it is not the proper solution of railway system. In the present scenario what activity is done through Information Technology that is shown below:-

  • Computerized ticket booking
  • Live train status.
  • Online ticket status checking facility.
  • Bill payment in railway canteen.
  • Wi-Fi internet services on some railway station.

These are the current facility given to the passenger by railways in our country.

But furthermore, some other facility must be provided by Indian railway that is shown below:–

  • General train ticket, local traveling ticket and unreserved ticket purchasing facility should be done online so that crowd can be minimized from the ticket counter.
  • Train journey status must be displayed inside the compartment of train so that, passenger could aware easily with journey detail.
  • Internet Wi-Fi facility should be given inside the train so that passenger could use internet as per his requirement during the journey.
  • Online Complain enquiry system should be there inside the train and action must be taken immediately over them.
  • At present very few stations are Wi-Fi enabled with internet facility whereas there is need to modify every railway station with wife services so that passenger can access the internet facility on railways platform also.
  • Fine collection should be done through cashless payment system because some corrupt TC (ticket checker) misuse the cash fine collection mode.

These are the IT based changes requirement in the Indian railway system and it must be implemented soon so that railway department could be run smoothly.


Apart from this facility, another type’s modification is necessary in Indian railway system that is shown below:–   

  • Need of noise free railway engine so that loco pilot heath could not be affected and it will be echo friendly also.
  • There is need of high speed train like:–bullet train, mono rail etc. so that, long could be covered in short duration of time.
  • Railway track should be modified with respect to high speed train as well as goods train.
  • At least, track should be doubled in both directions like:-UP and DOWN.
  • There should be given training for Information technology time to time to railway staff.
  • There should be established corruption controlling committee in the Indian railways.
  • There should be feedback reporting system for passenger and users also.

Apart from this, public support is essential to run the Indian railway in hassle free manner. Above mentioned caused must be implemented immediately so that our Indian railway could give better services to the passenger and others also. Ultimately I would like say, without public support our railway system cannot be run in efficient manner so public support is necessary. We should understand our own duty towards the nation, so we support it.


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