online ticket booking at irctc : eTicketing system

In this era of technology, India is also going digital with remarkable sevrvices that will make life easy of humankind. Services such as online paymentns, online ticket booking either for airplane or bus, online shopping and manyother. In this article I will describe how you can create new IRCTC account to book online railways tickets in india to save your time and money.

Step by step guide to IRCTC registration

First Open in your browser. And click on irctc sign up button which will redirect you to the below registration form.
Now you can start filling the details in registration form. Make sure you will enter the right mobile number and email address. Choose the username and fill other details. By clicking on sumbmit tegistraion form and by clicking on accepting terms and condition button the form will be submitted.

After you have submitted registration form, you need to verify your mobile number and email address and after getting verified just go to irctc login page. Enter your ID and password to login your account.
Yoy will also get OTP to verify your mobile number which you will have to enter after submition of registration form.
And you have just done registering on irctc for online railways ticket booking.
Note: you will have to pay online by linking your bank account with irctc or you can just use your debit card or credit card for the payments ticket.

Since it is really easy procedure, it will be better to have online booking and registering system to get benefits for several services. You will also be able to cancel the tickets just on case it need. Booking online railyway ticket is not hard as long as you will go tbrough above steps and follow the instructions.

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