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Railway pnr status online

In the present scenario, majority of the people going towards the online services. Everybody wants to take online services as per own requirements like: – shopping, ticket booking and many more. So, same condition applies here with railway system also. That’s why railway services are being done online for the people, and most of the railway services have been already online for passenger. Railway services are available online for the people i.e. “check railway pnr status online”, railway ticket booking, food on track and many more. So, railway services is going smart day by day in faster manner, and such kinds of services of Indian railway attract the people/tourist to visit journey by rail. Today, railway passenger can check pnr status about the intended booked waiting/RAC ticket online from anywhere of the world. Because, we know that pnr status is checked only for those tickets that are not confirmed i.e. waiting/rac category of ticket. Pnr number is the 10 digit nuber, and it is unique number which is used to check the pnr status online at finger touch over smartphone/ laptop. Apart from these, this pnr number is very useful to keep the passenger record at railway server for future reference. Sometimes if any misshaping occur during the journey such as accident/ health issue etc. with passenger, in that moment railway staff can give information to the passenger’s family/friends so that proper assistance could be provide to the passenger. So, due to these reasons pnr number having the vital importance for railway passenger. Therefore, every passenger should keep railway ticket with herself/himself safely.

In other words we can say that, “railway pnr status online” is railway service for the passenger who wants to visit their journey  by train throughout India, in which booked ticket status is checked out online by the passenger, whether that ticket is confirmed or not. This service is admirable service from railway department side. Because, in the busy/hectic life of people, there is no much time to the users to check their waiting/RAC category ticket on enquiry counter, and this process is very lengthy because, by this process crowd increase on the platform only, so everybody wants to use online services to check pnr status online in very few consuming of time.

Online pnr status checking process has some very useful advantage over the passengers that are shown below:-

  • These services take very short to tome to perform action.
  • User feels very comfortable during these services.
  • These services can be performed throughout the world, but one condition is there i.e. availability of internet/computers/smartphone.
  • Last one feature is, it makes smarter journey to the passengers.

 There are several websites available in the markets, and that are used for checking railway pnr status online. But is best in all those. So, please visit this website to take this service.

Indian rail pnr status at Irctconlinereservation

In the present scenario Indian rail is one of the best medium to travel the journey at mass level in our country. Because, population of our country is so high, due to which no other medium can be successful to travel the passenger at mass level, so our country’s people like to travel by the train from one place to another place throughout the India at affordable prices. Millions of passenger travel by train in India daily to fulfill their need like:- to join the office, to go one city to another city and many more. Those who person do jobs in their local town or do jobs nearer to their home city, they use local train for attaining their duty on time. But, main issue is that, when people live very far from the home, in this situation people travel long distance by train to attain their business/jobs. But, we know that long distance journey cannot be comfortable without confirmed reservation ticket. So everybody book their ticket as per their requirements and every ticket having its unique number on the left side of the ticket is known as PNR number. This PNR number is printed on the every booked ticket whether ticket is conformed or not. In this case, ticket which is not confirmed that have chance to confirm after few days, and it is checked time to time online using PNR number whether is it confirmed or not, is called PNR status of ticket. In other words we can say that, Indian rail pnr status is a term which is used to check the current status of booked reservation ticket online or manually on the enquiry counter whether is it confirmed or not. Rail PNR status is checked against the waiting/RAC category ticket only. At present, due to heavy population of India, thousands of booked ticket becomes in waiting/RAC category daily. Because, there are limited confirm seats in the train whereas demand is very high, that’s why thousands of ticket becomes waiting/RAC for passenger. But, passenger checks the pnr status of waiting/RAC ticket time to time with hope that ticket would confirm by luck.



Basic requirements are essential to check pnr status:-

  • There is need of smartphone/computer with internet.
  • Basic knowledge of computer and internet to the users.
  • There must availability of waiting/RAC ticket on which “10 digit pnr number” is printed.
  • User must have knowledge about the website URL where PNR status is checked out.


Some interesting facts about IRCTC website

Here are few more facts about IRCTC:

1. It has server bandwidth of 775 Mbps- 1 Gbps.
2. Any time 1.2 lac user can access the website.
3. Tickets issued per day on an average- 432826
4. Capacity to issue tickets per minute- 7200

Tickets issued per year:
2010-2011: 9,69,11,000
2011-2012: 11,61,77,000
2012-2013: 14,06,88,000
2013-2014: 15,79,81,713


Few more

Indian railways undoubtedly is one of the most surprising and amazing thing to happen for the country and its citizens. This is because, this institution boasts of employing the maximum number of employees in the world and also runs the maximum number of trains on a daily basis, ferrying millions of citizens and foreigners visiting the country throughout the length and breadth.

This is a fact that is acknowledged by most people and is indeed something amazing. Besides this, it is the Indian railways that help people of all states and communities to come together and explore and understand one another.

In short, it can be stated that it is this transport medium that helps people to visit every part of India and to understand it much better. Besides this, it is also the cheapest mode of transportation not only in the country, but also acknowledged abroad. Even though inflation has raised double digits, the concerned authorities and the governments have tried to ensure that the prices of the fares do not raise more than the basic requirement, so that the poorest of the poor in the country can also apply it.

Besides it, there are several forms of discounts offered to the citizens in some form of the other, which further brings down the rates and helps them to avail the transport to reach their destination. It is really a wonder that is not otherwise seen even in the developed countries.

With millions of bookings taking place from throughout the country, the authorities have embraced technology to free the counters and to make it possible for the citizens to carry out the bookings and to Indian railway check pnr status enquiry and other vital information over the net. This dream has been realized with the launching of official railway website along with numerous private ones that are linked to the main portal that provides relevant and accurate information.

This automatically helps the individuals to avoid agents and long queues that are generally seen outside the ticket counters. Be it a single ticket or a for a group, booking and checking the status online is fun, quick and just takes a couple of clicks and mentioning of some vital personal information.

The railways do play a vital role in the lives of the Indians and there is no denying the fact. The presence of online site to verify PNR Status has further simplified the task of booking and checking the status that would be required to ensure that the berths are confirmed and the coach and seat numbers have been allotted. This does help the individual to have safe and smooth journey and also to avoid tussle with the other co-passengers.

The verified status that is confirmed can then printed out and shown to the Ticket Collector during the journey. The printed paper is very much valid like that of the ticket that is issued from the counter. The individual just needs to have an ID proof that needs to be displayed along with the print out ticket.



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