Rail transport in India

As we know that transportation is an essential activity for any nation because goods are circulated throughout the country using transportation. There are several methodology is used to carry the loads throughout the country like roadways transport using truck, rail transport, airplane transport etc. but, rail transport is used to carry heavy loads like, raw material, goods and many more throughout the country. Rail transport carry huge amount of goods in its container, rail transport is mainly used to fulfill the requirement of factory, to carry the ready goods through the country or it reaches to the warehouse. Furthermore, truck and small vehicle is used to carry the goods inside the whole country through roadways, but it has some limitation, big consignment cannot be dealt with roadways transport like:-coal carries, raw material carrying, petroleum material carrying etc in easily manner. So, for carrying this there is used rail transport. Rail transport carry the big consignment of product or other goods like:-factory product, coal, petroleum, foods product like:-sugar, wheat, flour, rice, vegetables etc.. Goods train fulfills the major requirement of the market and ultimately public get benefit from this service at optimum cost. Goods train is a group of freight cars  or goods wagon hauled by one or more locomotives on a railway, transporting cargo all or some of the way between the shipper and the intended destination as part of the logistics chain. Trains may haul bulk material, inter modal containers, general freight or specialized freight in purpose-designed cars. Rail freight practices and economics vary by country and region.

When considered in terms of ton-miles or tonne-kilometers hauled per unit of energy consumed, rail transport can be more efficient than other means of transportation. Maximum economies are typically realized with bulk commodities (e.g., coal), especially when hauled over long distances. However, shipment by rail is not as flexible as by highway, which has resulted in much freight being hauled by truck, even over long distances. Moving goods by rail often involves transshipment costs, particularly when the shipper or receiver lack direct rail access. These costs may exceed that of operating the train itself, a factor that practices such as containerization  aim to minimize.

Indian railway track is interlinked to the port place like Mumbai, Vishakhapatnam port, porbandar port, Kolkata port and many more from where huge amount of product is imported from other country and huge amount of product is exported from India to another country in efficient manner. If rail transport is ignored from this service than export import services inside the India will be highly degraded. So, rail transport play vital role in such activity.

Importance of rail transport in India:–

  • Rail transport carries the big consignment of goods or product as compare to others transport like roadways transport or others.
  • It boosts up the Indian economy because lots of production in India is directly dependent over the rail transport.
  • It helps to full fill the raw material requirement and production movement toward the warehouse so that product could be reached easily in the market.
  • It promotes the import and export activity from India.
  • It maintains the market requirement of city or town so that public could not face problem in his daily life.
  • It increases the Indian railways revenues.


These are important facts and reason of rail transport in our country and it is the backbone of our country. So rail transport should grow much and more in future so that Indian people and economy could beneficial.

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