Railways offer platform for products of NGOs, SHGs


Railways offered today, help to NGOs and self-liquidating advances/self-help group (SHGs) to utilization its organization for push their activities for the mileage of their community With the goal of improve its social foot-marks, railways would modulate hands with NGOs for disposable their property including ethnic meal and trade.

If our union and infrastructure could be harness for some social profits. it should be finished, Railway Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu Mentioned at the seminar connected for raising the sociable footprint of railways in static manners.





The seminar will finding signal for formulating Insurance on working with NGOs on social avail.He said to SHGs can add the e-catering trading of railways and deal their ethnic feed.”Food/fare, handicraft yield and other vitta active through the NGOs can be sold by our e-portals. It will be profitable for both,” he said. SHGs have already started to sells their goods in the Kankan area with the help of ¬†national bank for agricultural and rural development (Nabard).

“It is gaining railways and also SHG. Handicraft wares can be marketed through IRCTC site,” It added.Except leveraging reach of IRCTC for disposable products of talent-based enterprises, railways will try station in the secret area and old coaches for the Exercise of NGOs.

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