Recruitment Process in Indian railway

As we know that railway is one of the big central organizations that is run by railway ministry of India which comes under the central government of India. So, for operating the Indian railway there is need of several numbers of employees. Without railway we can not imagine of physical communication inside the India at low cost whereas other medium available also but that are not applicable for mass level services ex:-car, aero plane, bus and many more, these medium have its limitation so railway is ultimate medium to serve the nation. There are several category of staff is classified in the railway department. Like:-class A, class B, class and class D staff. By means of these four groups of staff whole railway department run in proper manner. Now we discuss the recruitment process by Indian railway in our country.

There is established twenty one (21) railway recruitment board in our country by railway ministry to select the staff as per the railway recruitment. These selection is done by the examination process, railway recruitment board announce the vacancies for vacant seat or new selection of staff in railways, for filling this seats there is organized examination and millions of student appear in the examination to be select in the railway department of  India. As per the marking standard norms student get selected and this norm is defined by the RRB. Those who student qualifies the selection score in the preliminary test they enter for the next phase of examination like main or, interview examination. In this phase of examination number of students become shorter than preliminary test because some student eliminated in PT exam. As per the RRB marking norm, those who examinee qualify the main and interview phase of examination they get selected for railway staff at the different –different railway offices and after sometime new selected staff is trained for required railway work for which they have selected by expert in that field. After getting training newcomer staff work properly as like old staff in the railway offices. But, this process is conventional process for hiring the staff in the railway organization, whereas trend has been changed this is the trend of information technology, other sector like bank, cat, mat and many more department organizing their exam with the help of online exam process with the help of information, railway department should have follow such selection process so that whole selection process can be done quickly as well as smoothly.

List railway recruitment board which organize the railway exam for selection that are shown below:–

Benefit of IT based examination in the Indian railway for staff selection is shown below:–  

  • It is the hassle free process for selection.
  • Whole selection process can be done in short amount of time.
  • Exam will be held under the CCTV camera so that there is need of less number of staff to monitor the exam.
  • By means of this process exam will be held in short expenses as compare to conventional method examination process.
  • There is no chance of cheating by the student in the examination.
  • It save paper and tree also.
  • Result of exam can be announced in short time.
  • Selected student record can be maintained easily.

 These are the basic and important features of IT based selection process and it must be followed by railway as well as other department completely. From last one year Indian railway organizing the online exam for selecting the staff but it should be continued.  In future, whole RRB of Indian railway will be implemented with IT system and whole staff selection process like interview also will be done by the computerized methodology. At present, little bit IT implementation has been done for staff selection process but majority is to be done. so that, coming future could be bright for our country.

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