Steps for financial improvement in Indian Railways

As we know that, Indian railway has need to improvement its financial condition. At present its financial status is not good due to which Indian railway is not running parallel to developed country railway system like: USA, china, England, Japan, and Australia. And many more. Some expert state that development of any system is depend upon the financial condition of that system, if there is well financial condition that means that system will be developed easily. That’s why there is need of initiating certain step by our railway administration so that financial condition of Indian railway could be improved in strongly manner.

As far as question is concerned regarding steps that will be effective to improve or boost up financial condition that is shown below:–

  • Establish the expert team to monitor throughout railway system: – regarding corruption activity like:- travelling without ticket, misbehave of railway staff with customer, corruption free rec recruitment of staff, railway assets damaging by someone ex:- old wastage goods, theft of goods that is carried by train like:- petrol, coal, and machinery parts and many more activity.
  • By completely stopping the without ticket travelling:– now a days TCE not playing his duty in holistic manner due to which many of the people travel without ticket and due to this reason railway system get loss. Furthermore, there is need of some other facility so that passenger could get train ticket easily, at present local ticket is not purchased by internet if this facility will be available then passenger will get ticket easily for local place journey in easily manner. Because of long queue on the ticket counter passenger face problem so they do journey without ticket also.
  • By Paid advertisement on the railways places:- In the present scenario most of the companies do advertisement for their product, services and brands on the public place and we know that railway is the best place for public gathering so advertisement can be done on the platform, railway canteen, compartment etc. and for doing this advertiser will pay high amount to the railways.
  • By implementing the high speed train: – Financial condition of Indian railways can be improved by implementing the bullet train, mono rail and other high speed train. If these types of train will run in India then so many people, business man and professional will travel with this types high profile services and instead of this they will pay high amount and ultimately, it will be benefited for Indian railways.
  • By increasing the number of train and track: – At present, in our country number track must be double in “UP” and “DOWN” line so that number of train could be increase so that passenger travel with hassle-free manner and timeliness manner. If number train will increase it means huge amount of people and goods will be carried by train and ultimately railway department will get benefit.
  • By implanting the Information technology:–Now a days already IT is implemented but there is need of widely implementation like:-WI-FI on the whole railway working resources where many of the people gather like platform, Inside the train, canteen etc.and local train booking, goods booking, journey food booking from internet and many more implementation is needed so that railway can perform better services.
  • By increasing the tourist travel:–as we know that India has so many tourist places and so many tourist comes from the other country to visit tourist place and in this activity train play vital role so by promoting the tourism services railway can boost up their financial condition.

These are the basic steps that must be startup and implemented in railways system so that financial condition of railway could be boost up.

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