Steps for stopping the corruption in Tatkal Ticket Booking System

In the present scenario, most of the people want travel by train for their destination places from source places. But, due to heavy rush in the train it is not easy task for the passenger. So, there is scarcity of reservation ticket for travelling but railway ministry given facility for urgent ticket booking which having name is “TATKAL TICKET BOOKING SYSETM”. This booking service is available in both mode online and offline. But there is so many fraud activity is done during TATKAL TICKET BOOKING in online manner sometime in Offline mode also. Due to these activity, normal customer or passenger become victim of it.

Now question arise here why such activity is happened? Its answer is very easy, behind this activity several reason is there like:- limited seats available for “Tatkaal Quota” and number of ticket demand is so high, some broker gets ticket from ticket counter as well as  online by bad manner to earn money by selling the ticket to the customer. That’s why ticket availability becomes shortage very soon and several customers miss their reservation ticket. For removing such problems our government need to take some concrete steps for stopping such kinds of scams from “Tatkal ticket booking System”.

According to my opinion, what steps should be taken to eradicate such problem from Tatkal ticket booking system so that maximum people could avail this facility and that steps are shown below:

  • IRCTC website must be fully secured so that it could not be operated by some others plugins, tools, software. Sometime IRCTC website is hacked by someone and ticket become shortage to others customers.
  • Number of Tatkal ticket seats should be increased like double or triple so that more numbers of people can avail this services.
  • Number of compartment should be increased so that Tatkal seats could increase for the people.
  • In the festival season, there must be allocated some extra number of trains with tatkal reservation seats facility so that, in the case of emergency needy people can book the ticket in this special train also.
  • There should be established monitoring team to monitor the tatkal booking system at reservation counter. Because, we know that so many agents, broker perform their bad activity to book the ticket by bribery to railway staff and they ultimately sell that ticket to customer on high amount.
  • there should be proper verification of Id Proof during the Tatkal Ticket Booking so ticket could not booked by Fraud Id proof because, Broker always use Fraud ID card during Ticket Booking.

So, these are the basic some steps as well idea that can minimize the corruption In the Tatkal reservation Ticket Booking System. As we know that, population of our country is very high so completely removing of fraudism is very tedious task so, it can be minimized only

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