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Enjoy ticket booking with IRCTC e Wallet

To ease your pain booking train tickets online, IRCTC has launched e-Wallet scheme for all customers. Through this service, customers can now deposit money under IRCTC account and use that for booking train tickets, avoiding the long hesitating procedure to pay through bank’s payment gateway.

IRCTC e-Wallet scheme works just like any other e-Wallet service, where customers need to deposit money to their IRCTC account and use it up at the time of train ticket booking. Currently customers booking train tickets has to go through the hassle of making payment by going to their respective Credit/Debit Card or Net-banking payment gateway and then wait to get back to IRCTC website after the payment approval. The waiting to get back to IRCTC website after payment causes the trouble of session timeout or others eventually failing to book a ticket.

While the new e-Wallet scheme allows to bypass all this hassle, you just need to fill up your account with money and then when booking tickets pay using it. No going through the payment gateway and no wait for return, success rate for booking train ticket will be surely high.

  • NOTE: Users can deposit amount in multiple of Rs 100 only. The amount should be less than the maximum limit of Rs 5000 and all deposited money to e-Wallet is non-refundable.

e-Wallet Scheme is one of the best initiative by IRCTC, but if it serves the purpose is still doubt. As IRCTC won’t allow ticket booking through e-Wallet during 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM which is the peak hours of ticket booking, especially the Tatkal ticket booking. So restricting the use of e-Wallet during the hours when customers need service the most defeats the overall purpose of e-Wallet. Hope IRCTC will rethink on its restriction on e-Wallet during the peak hours.

Within a year Indian Railways to Bring Talgo Trains to Shatabdi Routes

Talgo Trains to Shatabdi Routes

Talgo Trains to Shatabdi Routes

Talgo Trains to Shatabdi Routes

Within a year Indian Railways to Bring Bullet Trains Talgo Trains to Shatabdi Routes

Talgo is a Spanish company that manufactures standard, intercity and high-speed passenger trains that are also popularly called the “Bullet trains”. They have been quite famous in the world of trains and are known to be quite luxurious. And nowadays, luxury is not a big deal in India. All the luxury brands are setting up their franchises here in our country and nothing seems alienated anymore. Our Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu is all about bringing development and international brands to invest in our railways.

He has been trying to bring this luxurious brand of trains in our country to improve the speed and make commuting between places become easy for the common man. These Talgo trains are usually quite small with very few coaches. But if we are to bring this brand to our country, their company promises to modify the trains according to our needs. Apparently, the Indian Railway plans to bring about 2- 5 Talgo trains in less than a year’s time.

Our railway ministry is waiting for an approval on the Niti Aayog before asking the company to start manufacturing the trains and lease them. Once, this approval comes through, all the formalities will take no time to complete and these trains will be running on our tracks. These trains are to run on the Shatabdi routes and will have about 26 coaches which are very much similar to the existing Shatabdi trains. The costs and budgets are not yet known. The company is to use international coaches which will be modified according to the Indian needs. The major changes highlight on the toilets, platform heights and will get the Indian taste in them. The coaches are apparently 45% lighter and 30% more energy efficient when compared to the existing trains. They aim at running at faster speeds and reduce the travel time of the passengers.