Tourism services by Indian railways

Let’s we know first what is tourism? Tourism is travel for pleasure. Tourism term is made from the “tour” word of English and its meaning is enjoying on the different- different place by visiting them. As far as question is concerned tourism in India then we can say that there are several tourist places in India where lot of fun and pleasure moment can be spent with the friend, family etc. our country is hub of natural beauty, historical places where lots of Indian tourist as well as foreigner goes to enjoy and spent beautiful moment of his life. Every year thousands of people come from outside of India to visit the historical places and natural beauty of India. By which our Indian government earn huge amount of foreign currency like: dollar, pond, euro and many more and it boosts up Indian economy also. There are lots of lake, ocean, forest, river, mountain, park and green field in India that attract the tourist that’s why tourist does not stop himself to visit them and furthermore, lots of historical places also available in our country for visiting them by Indian tourist and foreigner also. All tourist places are not situated at the same place, these are situated in on different- different places and these places are in different- different state of India. In other word we can say that distances between some places are not far but, distances between some tourists places are very far, so it is not easy to visit by tourist.

So, for making convenient tourism “Indian railway” play vital role, because we know that railway has large network throughout the India for physical communication of people and tourist also. Our railway government provides some special features for tourist; Indian railways launched some special train for promoting the tourism in India.

Name of some special trains that run especially for tourist purpose shown below:–

  • Deccan Odyssey
  • Fairy Queen
  • Maharajas’ Express.
  • Palace on Wheels
  • Royal Orient Train.
  • Royal Rajasthan on Wheels
  • Golden Chariot.
  • Mahaparinirvan Express.

These trains are the glory of Indian railway and increase the beauty of whole country. There are so many luxurious facilities given in the train for the tourist’s passenger so that no any problems happen during the journey.


Role of IRCTC for tourism

 IRCTC is a subsidiary organization of Indian railway that works especially for Indian tourist. Furthermore, it works for catering and online ticket booking for Indian rail.

IRCTC services for tourism shown below:–

  • Online ticket booking for tourists.
  • Hotel seats booking for tourists online.
  • Catering facility to tourists.
  • Special dedicated services to the tourism.
  • On the special season IRCTC run special train with the permission of Indian railway.
  • It provides special services to the foreigner tourists.

 Indian railway support tourism in following manner

  • Railway ministry launched special train for foreigner tourist with the high level facility.
  • Time to time railway increase no of train for tourist’s purpose when some special events happen in India.
  • Indian railways promote the foreigner tourists so that Indian economy could be boost.
  • For Indian tourist, Indian railway play very big role that cannot be expressed in words. Because, lots of people travel throughout India for visiting historical place, natural beauty like:-ocean, forest, lake, river and may more. So, railway services cannot be expressed in the word for Indian people.

 But, in the present scenario rail tourism should be advanced like bullet train facility, mono rail facility in India, so that tourism could be made comfortable. If high speed train will run throughout India then long distance of tourists places will be minimized and ultimately tourists will get advantage of this.  I hope that our Indian railways will be very advanced and updated in future in the context of tourism.

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