Train journey from Delhi to Patna

As we know that, majority of the people complete their journey by train in his daily life. There is spreaded one of the largest rail network in our country as compare to rest of the world country. Indian railway system is divided in seventeen (17) zones and these zone control the overall railway operating activity of our country. As far as question is concerned for “train journey” from Delhi to Patna then I can say that, this rout is very busy, at least fifty thousand people travel from Delhi to .Patna daily. There is several type of train run like:-express train, superfast train, and high speed train and there are different- different types of reservation seat categories available in the train so that passenger can book the reservation ticket as per his budget or economic condition. High speed train like Rajdhani express having ticket fair at high value as compare to another train. Distance of Delhi to Patna is about to 1000 km and it is very far distance so it cannot be completed easily by other travelling medium at low cost and mass level. Train journey from Delhi to Patna is the very mass level journey because millions of the people lives in Delhi for the job, study and business purposes, as soon as festival comes like Diwali, holi, chath pooja then there is happen so many problem like scarcity of ticket, no of train become low in the context of  passenger demand. And rushes inside the train.

In the present scenario, population of our country has increased and it is continued, so that problem is increasing also during the journey day by day. So there must be improvement to carry the passenger by train in comfortable manner. Our government takes action during the festival and they allow for running extra number of train so that traveller could book their reservation ticket so that passenger could do comfortable and safe journey. But, it is the incomplete solution to handle the rush during pooja festival like;- Diwali, chhath and many more.

Apart from this, passenger faces the problem during the winter season like:-November to January season because, so many train become very late and cancelled due to fogs. That’s why passenger get problem they cancel their journey also. In this situation railway get loss because it returns the booked ticket to money. Such types of activity occur every year in the winter season so railway department should control this hurdles so that passenger could not get problem revenue income could be maintained for railway.

Benefit of train journey from Delhi to Patna is shown below:–

  • Mass level passenger travel by train at low cost.
  • Comfortably cover the long distance at low cost.
  • Saving the time if train run on the scheduled time.
  • Worker and business man can go to search job and business respectively by the train efficient manner.
  • Other goods and postal belongings is sent and received from Delhi to Patna and vice versa by train frequently.

Furthermore some drawback or flaws of railway department for Delhi to Patna journey. That are:–

  • Train become short for carry the passenger, so no of train should be increased passenger rush can be handled easily.
  • No of track must be increased to run more train on the track.
  • Management the train running activity in winter season against the fog. Because, train become very late and ultimately train become canceled.

These are the main merit and demerit of train journey from Delhi to Patna route.

Overall public is happy with current railway system but need to improvement in railway system so that future could be better.

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