Traveling by train in India

As we know that, travelling is an important activity by the people for their various purposes. Someone travel for entertainment purpose like:–visiting natural beauty on different- different places, someone travels for joining their daily duty in his office and so on. In other word we can say that without travel our life cannot run properly, it is important for everyone in our country. In our country most of the people travel by several travelling medium like;-car, bus, train, aero plane and many more. But, majority people travelling are done by train in our country. There are so many reasons behind the train travelling. That are shown below:-
• It has so many compartments in which so many people can travel simultaneously.
• Its fare is low as compare to others vehicle with respect to distance.
• It runs throughout India due to which people can travel as per their requirement.
• Train journey becomes reliable and comfortable for long journey.
• Passenger can easily carry their loads in the train journey with low fare whereas it is not possible in other travelling medium.
• It is best way to travel communication from one place to another place in our country.
• Railway department provides reservation berth for sleeping and seating to the passenger so that passenger can travel comfortably.
• There are so many windows in the train due to which fresh air comes in the compartment for healthy breath, means no suffocation is there.
• There is also toilet facility in the train which makes comfortable journey to the passenger.
These are several advance features at low cost in the train due to which most of the people travel with train in India.
Furthermore, there is lots of another factor in our railway department due to which train journey become uncomfortable. Indian railway is a big department of country it comes under central government. Our railway department must be improved so that no any inconvenience for people who use train. I think 99% people of our country have used or they will use railway off and on. So we can say that Indian railway is backbone of our country’s travelling system. So, railways services must be modernized and improved so that railway department could run smoothly.
What are the big hurdles in “train traveling” in our country?
There are so many hurdles in comfortable and smooth journey through train that hurdles are shown below:–
• Lacking of infrastructure: – At present, infrastructure of Indian railway is not well as per the requirement. Present infrastructure was good for the 30 year ago of our country. But, in present it can be said poor infrastructure. As we know that our country population is increasing day by day in faster manner but railway department development is not growing as per the population growth. Due to high population number of passenger are increasing day by day so rush in the train increasing also and it responsible for uncomfortable journey in train.
• Lacking of railway track: – there is lacking of railway track in our country due to which several train cannot run at a time in the same rout. Due to which, passenger become late in travel at his intended places. Present railway track is made as such “single UP line” , single “single DOWN line” and in branch root there is single track. These are main problem of our railway system due to this reason train gating late. So. Improvement must be done for railway track, it means that track should be made double in UP and DOWN line both whereas single branch line must be single UP and single DOWN line. Then train arrival and departure will done at proper scheduled time and passenger will get timeliness journey.
• Administration management: – our railway department is controlled by the Indian railway ministry department which is the part our central government. As we know that our country is democratic country here after each five year election is done for the central government. In this situation sometimes good government comes in to force due to which railway department perform their services in better manner. But, sometimes bad government comes into the force so their working activity becomes poor. So, railway department working activity also become poor and ultimately, administration become poor so department performance becomes poor and ultimately public become victim of it.
• Information technology implementation: – There is need of IT implementation in Indian railway in proper manner. Present implemented system is not working properly. Because, at the time TATKAAL ticket booking either IRCTC website hanged or show busy on the screen, no activity performed by the user in efficient manner. On the basis of experiences I can say that sometime this IRCTC website deducts money and ticket not booked, what is the reason behind it? Reason behind this is heavy web traffic! And website degrades the services. So, we can say that these are the flaws in the website due to such bad activity happen. On the other hand there must be aware of people about cashless transaction during ticket booking, food bill payment in the railways canteen, product bill payment on the platform shop so that transaction could be done safely and frequently for the convenience of passenger. These activities makes comfortable and safe journey to the passenger.
• Stop the scam in railway:- now a day we read in newspaper about different –different types of scam like:- coal scam, 2g spectrum scam, saarda scam, food scam and many more and sometimes scam happen but nobody knows about it. Same situation may be happen in the railway department by the high level officer, or minister. But, it becomes secrete and sometimes it expose in the public. So, I would like to say that this type of activity could not be done because; by virtue of such kinds of scam economy of our country become weak and particular department growth become degrade. Hence, public get so many problem in his daily life.

Overall I would like to say that, for making well and convenience journey there must be removed all above mentioned flaws and anomalies then travelling will be better in India.

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