Wireless Fidelity (WI-FI) Services in Indian Train

As we know that today is the trend of internet services in majority of the department which is run by human beings. So, travelling by train in our country is the one of the best example of them. Now days everybody wants to access the internet facility during the journey so internet services must be provided by the railway ministry in Indian train which cover long distance. Therefore, for implementing this services firs of all Indian railway ministries will have to establish WI-FI services in the train that covers the train whole area so that internet can be accessed throughout the train. At, present such kinds of facility is available in very few train like:-Rajdhani express, Gatiman Express and some others. But, such kind of facility is to be implemented in most of the train that cover long distance. I hope that ministry of railway will implement WI-FI services in whole train in freely manner at present railway government is thinking over this project because, Prime Minister promoting the DIGITAL INDIA scheme and such kind of services come under this scheme.

After implementation this services millions of the passenger will get internet services inside the train during the journey in hassle free manner. By virtue of WI-FI services traveller will get important services like:-news online, sports activity, business activity, business conference, social networking site accessing, bill payment online, ticket booking online, entertainment with watching movie and listening music online, interact with relatives and friends and many more. These are main services that cannot be achieved without internet inside the train and these are very essential for everybody now a day. Because, we know that most of the work is done online so during the journey such kinds of activity will not be performed, if internet will not be available in the train.

So, WI-FI must be implemented in every train at without any coast so that, traveller could access internet services as per his requirement, and it will be better for the coming future for our country also.

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